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  1. I was playing until 2am last night and then I woke up at 7am and immediately started playing again and didn’t really stop until 2p.
  2. I’ve already paid off my initial loan and now I’m picking weeds. Game of the year!
  3. Mcmax3000

    Ufc fightpass

    You do not.
  4. Of course I am. I legit have Animal Crossing plushies on my desk. I brought them back from the Nintendo store in NYC a couple of years ago. Hell, I spent a good chunk of my morning making an Animal Crossing spreadsheet for the group I’m in of people who will be playing it.
  5. Apparently they were going to do it on a Native American reserve in I think Oklahoma before Trump did his announcement saying to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.
  6. Also, most athletic commissions won't sanction events right now.
  7. Oh, easily... I'm already ready to make my top 10 for 2020 and just put Animal Crossing in every spot.
  8. The download is the entire base game of Modern Warfare but you're locked out of everything but Warzone unless you buy it.
  9. There are likely financial considerations that would make it a lot more costly for them to cancel in two months than to cancel now.
  10. I think that's what will happen. Probably at the UFC owned venue in Vegas where they did the Contender Series last year, not at an actual arena.
  11. Combate reporting that the show will happen, but with no spectators:
  12. Show is in jeopardy: https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/3/11/21175807/coronavirus-ufc-brasilia-events-jeopardy
  13. The new Call of Duty battle royale mode is pretty fun.
  14. With very few exceptions, it's always the following Saturday. I don't post these threads more than a week out because these cards change a million times.
  15. Whoops. Had the right one listed out in my notepad, but forgot to paste it. Fixed now. Thanks.
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