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  1. Tomorrow there will be way way more people chasing tickets.
  2. I'm not normally one to complain about presales, I know that nothing is guaranteed and you need to be prepared. But starting the presale a full hour early is really bad form. I'm sorted, but my buddy has been itching to get a shot at tickets and now he has virtually no chance. Today was his shot and the UFC/TM burned him big time.
  3. . Why did you wait 10 minutes before starting? I was on at 10am sharp and already the first 3 brackets were gone.
  4. Lol, thieving bastards. Bumped the prices because of Conor.
  5. Is it just me or are the private messages broken? All my conversations are gone, all I have in my inbox are all my previous posts from conversations laid out as single messages.
  6. I should have charged €5 a go for finding the barcode link for people... I made the mistake of being front of the line and showing someone where to find it on your phone since so many people didn't know they needed it. The O2 staff probably brought me about a dozen more of them by the time we went in!
  7. They are not still available. Sold out.
  8. Thanks for the info. My worry is that there is a random PR company or O2 event staff in charge of all this, and they simply do not ever understand how things work. I've been through the Q&A process in Dublin, London, Nottingham, Birmingham, and most memorably Cologne in Germany. Almost every time, the arena staff on the ground have no idea what is supposed to happen. They are not aware of the difference between GA and FC, they don't know the process for an autograph line and they absolutely never anticipate the numbers to expect. In Cologne they organised a line into the arena, then added a second one when the crowd got too big, then when they realised that we were all going to the same place they tried to merge the 2 lines (you can guess how that worked out). I spoke to the security staff on the day and they said that they were only told on the Thursday evening (weigh ins were Friday) that the event was happening and they had no information whatsoever about what was supposed to happen. I raised this with Dana at the Q&A and ended up facing a very intimidating/threatening head of event security who thought that I was publicly criticising him and his team, rather than the UFC! This is why I have always advocated using long standing FC members to liaise with venue staff and assist with the process on the day unless some of the FC admin are going to be there and in charge. I know that Smitty used to assist with the lines at many US events, but I'm not even talking about assisting once it starts, just to spend half an hour beforehand to explain what needs to happen so that the venue staff know how to deal with it. @‌Fightclubber - will you be there? (
  9. Yeah I'll be there early, driving down from Donegal so I'll leave around 6. Be in Dublin, parked and feed for about half 10.
  10. Yeah this is my 14th event, never seen it ticketed before. It makes sense in a lot of ways. No need to line up at a crazy hour (I was there at 10am for UFC 93). Although you are at the mercy of Ticketmaster who are notoriously bad. If it was laid out so that you had your auto/pictures on the way into the venue as it has been at some events, then there would literally be no reason to queue/line up.
  11. Sorry @FightClubber but I'm missing something again. You say "best seats" for the weigh ins. That would make sense at any event I've been to before, where you have to choose one or the other, apart from a few where you get your auto on the way in. But these weigh ins are ticketed. I have a ticket with my seat number on it. Surely it doesn't matter whether I go in first or last, that seat number is mine? Block C, row 17,seat 11. If I go to the autos first, then go in and find someone in my seat, they can move their **** surely?
  12. Early entry gives you access to the fighter signings, other opps, and priority seating. But we don't get priority seating do we? We get the seating that is on our tickets, so it doesn't matter what time we get in? So the only benefit of getting there early is to be first in line for the fighter signings? Do we still get a free event poster?
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