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  1. DAMN!!!!!!! I wish that first round was a little longer.... But, props to Bisping it was a good fight. I still think he would get crushed by Silva or Weidman. For all you Bisping fans I will bet against him. With my record it will def help! lol
  2. Awesome! Way to stick to it! I have to say I will be away and I might have to DVR and watch Mon. I know it sucks but.... Last year same weekend I got the people in the house to go in for the Jones vs. Rampage fight. Hope to do the same again! So if Stann loses (hope not) I can't post up, so don't think I'm ducking. Be back on Mon. night for sure.................................. To celebrate!!
  3. Good luck!! No waaaaaaaaay No friggin' waaaay
  4. Thought I placed that angry face after the statement about wife's bet in LV. lol Not mad otherwise! lol
  5. Would be nice. Hope it doesn't hurt B. Stann. My MMA betting record (with friends during fights) SUCKS! haha I predict a Hendo like KO except Stann won't give him the "real Superman" flying punch. Loved that one though. Lucked out that my brother's friend was heading to LV this week. Didn't get any other bets though. Hey, I am 1-0 in Vegas MMA bets ha. BJ over Sherk. Wife canceled that one with a loss picking Tito vs. Machida
  6. Probably one taker out there...??? haha
  7. Who's gonna match with it Bisping?
  8. I used to think he was one of the fighters G. Jackson didn't ruin yet. lol Wrong.
  9. Jones fan but.............WTF? PU**Y
  10. Good to know! I might switch to save $$$!! Don't know how I missed this fight originally?? Think I was away. Def. getting the rematch.
  11. For us it comes with the FIOS we have. My friends with Comcast don't have it.
  12. Lot's on there!! Shame. Got the DVR going to avoid the filler. haha
  13. Bisping is just happy Hendo went to Strikeforce for a little while............... and come back to 205. Pillow hands Bisping will NEVER get a title shot!
  14. I got $100 for a repeat of Bisping vs. Hendo Stann by KO or TKO Bisping will have to think about 170 after this one!!! Takers????
  15. BlackChip

    90 miles from AC

    Loved Tito with the fire and flames at the TAJ!!!!! Loved "Mr. International" and Ice Man coming up into the stands at Boardwalk Hall back in the day!!!!!
  16. BlackChip

    90 miles from AC

    Condit sig was b4 the Diaz fight..................changing................... lol
  17. BlackChip

    90 miles from AC

    No. Seen St. Pierre lose to Hughes and Little Evil win the belt at the Taj
  18. BlackChip

    90 miles from AC

    Been to EVERY UFC AC EVENT.................... Glad we skipped this one! Waaaaaaaa I filed a complaint about your hair. Guida should've filed a complaint about ur chick tramp stamp!!!!! Anyway fight SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Longing for the Tito vs. Tanner days!!!!!!
  19. Yes!! BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>> He hasn't ruined B Stann yet!!!!!
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