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  1. tatersalad

    UFC on fox rumors

    Anyone hear of a venue ? Seattle maybe but I think it's a little to good for Seattle , San Jose ? or hear of the 4th main fight , people talking about ? Alves ??? Thanks
  2. tatersalad


    If Nate beats bendo & wins the LW belt & if ....iiiiiifffffff Carlos beats gsp , does nick get 1st crack at condits WW strap? Does it pressure UFC to set it up ? They were supposed to do the rematch anyway... if Carlos wins , does nick get the 1st fight for condits defense?
  3. tatersalad

    Wtf ref

    Worst non stoppage this year !!! Wow !!! Unnecessary is a complete understatement !
  4. Let's see , if guida said he hits like a Mack truck & wanted no part of that , knowing he can't take gray down either , he RAN . He ****in ran ! What's worse is he actually sticks by his gameplan ..........pathetic
  5. SIGNED !!!!!!!!!!, greg Jackson is looking out for his own legacy as a trainer w a great win/ loss record , he doesn't give a **** if a guy gets fired for gameplanning . there's another ******* waiting to take his place !
  6. And apparently noone , even the police are willing to talk about that . I smell.........cover up .
  7. No .... Not yet anyway ... LOL Serves his ***** *** higher than thou punk *** attitude anyway
  8. Seriously , why was he cut ? Can't get a straight answer
  9. Protecting a brand. How does a sgt say no comment on whether or not someone else was in car or not , or if they were hurt ???? Hhmmmm Protecting JBJ image & carreeeer ..... I suspect ( in related news ..... JBJ wife files for divorce 2 weeks from now) LOLOLOLOL
  10. On a side note , I highly doubt the execs over at fox are willing to let the UFC use its broadcast as a catalyst for up & coming fighters. I'm sure fox wants the heavy draws that fill up UFC ppvs . someone's gotta give.
  11. I didn't say drought of talent , I said superstars that could turn casual fans into diehards or people who still don't know what mma is to watch it. & it's not Hendricks or Davis .
  12. The UFC isn't generating as many superstars as its losing , and it's starting to show . UFC on fox 3 had tickets on stubhub for $14 & tonight's fight for $15 . the venues aren't big enough to have tickets this low . I buy tickets on stubhub when I can't find them anywhere else , not to get them cheaper . too many of the sports superstars are retired or soon to be , when we need them most for an all out push to the general public . and only JBJ comes to mind as a superstar of late that a casual fan ( which I am not ) would know .
  13. But we will see the start of round 5 !!!!!
  14. Tweet this #freediaz !!! LOL Where you at Carlos ? ( the real Carlos )
  15. is that Roy Nelson's disguise for LHW !!! we see you under that mask Roy !!
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