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    Please feel free to vote and discuss/ poll may or may not be anonymous..... option 1: http://www.avir.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Polls.jpg option 2: http://images.bwwstatic.com/columnpic6/2108985B3-CA72-5E3F-65136E2BBE31351E.jpg option 3: dedicated to vadge option 4: option 5: http://twistedsifter.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/cell-phone-tower-flag-pole.jpg
  2. I think Brock threw the match with Cain so that he could break the Undertaker's streak and come back for the strap from Cain at Wrestlemania 58. It'll do 10 million PPV buys. As far as the thrown fight debate. Its too depressing, probable and "grey" of a subject to get in to. Though, I think most of the "work" comes from the commission, I feel it would be naive to say a fighter never indulged in some side "work"
  3. I think Brandao has all the physical attributes to beat most fighter, possibly even Conor. However, his mental/emotional fortitude doesn't quite live up. Id of been more interested in seeing the Cole fight. Though, I do think he is the least naturally skilled of the 3, he is the most experienced and proven. Cole is no idiot and has the ability to adjust strategy in a battle, where Brandao can bull his way to victory. I just don't think he has the mental capacity. Realistically, it should be fun to watch though.
  4. You want to talk MMA? Sure. Lesnar is chosen subject. Cool. I feel that would be a highly undervalued subject, as he is a widely undervalued fighter. I mean sure, He has just over a .500 record but look who he faced in his first years of training. I really do loathe the guy in many ways, but not as A fighter. He is a true competitor, IMO. I haven't watched "pro" wrestling since I first my first year or scholastic wrestling, in grade school. It was then I realized jumping off the top turnbuckle wasn't an actual facet of wrestling and would turn me off forever. As far as his end, Idk howm much you know about diverticulitis, but it's amazing that he, a guy I loathe, even competed in the highest level of any sport after two surgeries. Why, what are your thoughts?
  5. Nah, was thinking about getting tickets to CT event actually. How you been? Still good I see.
  6. lol, haven't been here in a minute.....i see cash-flow still posts on my all....yeah, he is a goat tho....mmmmmmHmmmmm
  7. well he has put in a lot of "work" ya know
  8. my shovel tells me the rustle here is deep. wow, you come up with that by yourself? I see why they warned me you're a head retard around here
  9. Who is Greg? Odiskunk Did someone change their username? I see 6k posts but don't recognize the name... Nah, My dumb **** used to pay for the old forum, as I was going to a few events. There was a completely different, far more legitimate, fantasy league I co created there, at the time. There was a lot of tension then between the fantasy league and the rest of the forum...on top of the drama always gong on within the league. Right before they merger that forum with this one, we took our league to another site, strictly dedicated to fantasy MMA. Anyway, now that Ive made a shot story long, my post count carried over. I just haven't been here in a couple years.
  10. I see you b1thces still can't get over me, reacting to my posts with your flagons and creating beef threads dedicated to yours truly.. Im completely ineffective though.. Post on topic or take it the flame thread **** bait. Sorry. I learned at an early age not to let ****es boss me around, buttercup.
  11. I see you b1thces still can't get over me, reacting to my posts with your flagons and creating beef threads dedicated to yours truly.. Im completely ineffective though..
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOO3nHdAk1A
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