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  1. Richard Ditlevsen, AKA Ricky D, Rickster, Ricklentless, Ricktator, Rickfabulous, Ricko-lator, Rickmonster, Rickshaw,
  2. Fedor is the man and you need to beat the man to be the man. IMO .............................Just A thought
  3. Mirko is not the same and the caliber of fighters he's facing in the UFC are better
  4. I guess now' date=' the worse of the comments are really coming back to bite him in the ham hocks like the one, "I'm gonna go home and climb on the old lady." I donno, but my old lady is Russian and she would be running me through a ringer for the next 5years. I could see that [nervous breakdown'] sh!t could happening. Come'n oooooon now.
  6. I really don't have a choice of best girl... these three are equally awesome. All of them.
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