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  1. Why do the UFC proclaim in the countdown show that he has the longest reach in UFC history when he doesn't. Didn't Tim Sylvia have a reach of 86 inches.
  2. I won't judge as I had a dream a while back that L'il Nog KO'd Randy in the first round. I hope ther is plenty of blood tonight. I've been looking forward to this event for a long time.
  3. Oh believe me I didn't I'm just not as excited for that fight. Seen very little of Rocha (Only his sub of McCray at UFC 122) and I'm not a big Ellenberger fan. Also I didn't mention Mendes-Omigawa as I forsee Mendes dry humping a decision out of him.
  4. Someone could enter to that in the UFC. Minus the fireworks, the titan tron, the smoke machines and when they got to the Octagon they would actually have to fight.
  5. Good move for Tyson's career. I feel that had the UFC always had a FW division he would have made this move a long time ago.
  6. I'm barely ever on here anymore but I joined in 08. I only came on here to ask if anyone knows what happened to UFC fantasy? I can't find it on this site anymore.
  7. cripplerfan1988

    faber vs bowles

    As I've just said, Bowles is fighting Page again. No need to discuss who he should fight.
  8. Can it be considered a run if he never successfully defends the title?
  9. cripplerfan1988

    faber vs bowles

    Bowles is fighting Page again.
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