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  1. Of course, but hey, I'm not going to judge how others find their inner strength. Unless it's hilariously funny like Diego Sanchez.
  2. If you win by LaynPray then you have dominated the fight. Simple. Viewers may not enjoy it, but the reality is that it takes skills to grind out a win.
  3. Exactly, boxing is a completely different story, and personally a sport I have no time for at the professional level. I absolutely can not see that an accident causing death could occur within the UFC. Other MMA fight promotions, yes, but the UFC is so legislated that it would have to be a freak accident. Everyone speaks of "the brutality" but you forget that these guy's bodies are so conditioned that the punishment they are receiving is all repairable. It's not street fighting, its elite sport.
  4. You've used the words, "hurting people" a few times in this thread. IMO, professional MMA athletes recognise the need to inflict punishment, but as part of a sport, between competitors. I consider that an important distinction from simply setting out to hurt someone.
  5. ashka

    Best Ever UFC Rivalries

    Serra and Hughes, hands down.
  6. Yep, check this out: http://www.liveguide.com.au/Arts_and_Theatres/651437/Joe_Rogan/Joe_Rogan_USA_Australian_Tour I'm a Fight Club member. I'm glad, as it helped me get good tickets. There will also be a Fight Club party, and exclusive Q&A, but as Dana seems to open this up to all and sundry on Twitter, not sure of the value of the membership just yet.
  7. Actually, I find it quite an interesting discussion. I mean, who doesn't comment on THE HAIR when you're watching a Guida fight? As most people have said, it's got to be more of a hindrance for Guida himself - as a girl who has long hair, I would never train, nevermind fight, without my hair tied back, it's just too annoying. Plus, it is there to be pulled, whether this is deliberate or unintentional, it does happen. On the contrary side though, when they're rolling, Guida's hair does get in the eyes of his opponents, that would be frustrating when combined with a guy who just does not leave you alone!
  8. I'm in Perth, and I've been counting down the days since it was first rumoured. It's going to be AWESOME. Are you going to Joe Rogan's show too?
  9. ashka

    UFC 110 sydney tickets

    There are plenty on Ebay going for ridiculous prices. Good luck.
  10. Without knowing exactly what your diet and lifestyle is now, this is seriously the best advice. Anything more extreme will lead to weight loss, but its unlikely to lead to sustained weight loss unless you change your way of life. The only thing I will add to this, is to find a form of exercise you really, really love. As an MMA fan, if that's martial arts, that's great, as any martial arts training program will put you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.
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