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  1. I would like to see James Toney vs Carwin next if James beat Randy two heavy handed fighter one will get KO
  2. Josh1785

    Silva vs Courture

    i think with style couture would cause alot of problems on anderson randy is amazing fighter randy can put the pressure on silva please write ur thorts
  3. Maia r u happy now LOL yeah it was a really good knock out from Marquardt the thing is he left himself open that was mia fault not keeping his gaurd up but it doesnt mean he going to b the same fighter against silva i think mia going to learn from that mistake i truely think maia is Anderson biggest threat at this moment like i said before if maia strike if anderson his going to get the **** out if he bring him down and hold anderson down like henderson did and wait for the submission Maia ground skills r better then anderson Maia submit heavy weight like gonzaga that one of the best BJJ fighter in the heavy weight divison. i think anderson will tap easy like he did with Ryu when ryu got him with that really good heel hook.
  4. u fans should give mia more credit 6 % i dont think so i really think it 50 50 if Mia strike with Anderson he will lose but if he take him on the ground he can win.
  5. Josh1785

    UFC 106 to dana

    why dont u use 106 as the rematch pay pre view have shogun vs machida 2 as the main event or is it to soon ?
  6. Next time shogun will get that belt he will get back what is rightful his
  7. I would like to see shogun win but the dragon is too good but if shogun fights like the way he did in pride i think he can win
  8. I think tito or randy would be a good match up all they have to do bring to the ground and hold him down both these guys have never been submited
  9. maybe if they bring chris leben down to welterweight he not doing so well in middle weight at the moment maybe if they bring him down he can be the old chris leben again
  10. who would win It would be a good fight with dan right hand punch would knock out tito but if tito put dan on the ground game over
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