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  1. I like them both, this is going to be a good one
  2. I agree, he deserves to be at the top of the division..
  3. I think Machida because he just lost twice in my book
  4. this kid is clearly not serious
  5. lol dude... I think you have to be 18 start wrestling
  6. kmdsounddotcom

    Ed Soares

    that interview made him sound even more like a****
  7. I saw that, I think the crowd was booing?
  8. I'm glad Bader finally got the respect he deserves, screw the nog black belt crap!
  9. wonder if sable will leave him for looking at the ******* he is?
  10. Brock lacks experience and used his size to intimidate his opponents, Cain proved that he can be out striked and his wrestling can be nullified.
  11. you're crazy man haha
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