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  1. Card is starting to fill but aside from the main event, nothing too inspiring...yet. Will be watching this weekend with fingers crossed that there’s a call out for Volk by the winner...
  2. Maybe Willis just wants a free trip to Sydney. Some sightseeing before looking for a new employer.
  3. 4xl

    Ultimate presale

    But what about for 239...??
  4. Melbourne has the closing roof which they might need, which Homebush doesn’t? I can’t keep up with what’s happening with the ANZ/new stadium situation.
  5. Be interesting to see where they pick for this- if they do go for the stadium, I’d imagine Melbourne or maybe SunCorp in Brisbane?
  6. I wonder if they’ll go with the tried and trusted approach here of one big headline fight and then just hope that sells the arena/stadium? I’m sure they can tempt Ross Pearson out of retirement for this.
  7. Dana said something about seeing what happens with Max/Poirier before establishing what happens with Conor. I don’t think Conor deserves a crack at either belt at this stage. But, $ talks. Also Dana said he doesn’t know when Nate will fight again so that probably means he’s signed a contract to fight soon.
  8. 4xl

    UFC 120 ticket pricing

    Hello all, Pleased to see UFC120 officially announced at the o2, I can start planning now! I see that the ticket prices are down as; ?50, ?75, ?100, ?125, ?175 and ?250 Does anybody have any idea of what the difference between the 125/175/250 seats will be, i.e.- how far away from the cage? I'm trying to decide which seats are best value etc. As it'll be my first UFC event, I dont want to spend the evening wishing I'd bought the next ticket price up as I don't have an amazing view! Will some of the front rows be reserved for VIPs/businesses also? ie- even paying ?250 wont guarantee first few rows? Any help appreciated. Cheers, James
  9. Ok, so it's not really essential to have Fight Club membership. Do you think I could get floor tickets through general sale on the first day? The o2 is a big arena- as are most of the Vegas ones, so I think i'd prefer to spend a bit more to ensure a good view of the cage etc. Just looked at UFC118 tickets out of curiosity- they are $600 on the floor, a cost which includes the Fight Club membership, so you're essentially paying about $525 for the 'seat' Can anybody have a guess at what the floor prices will be for the o2? I'm excited at the prospect of the UK Fan Expo too- which fighters, in addition to those on the card, do you think will be there?
  10. There was a post here earlier today regarding price comparisons with Fight Night. I'm not sure what "floor tickets" covers (apart from it being a ticket on the floor!) etc- i.e.- how close or far away could you be for the same priced ticket?
  11. Hello all, Determined to get to UFC120 in London. Despite a few moans about the card, it's got potential for a few great fights, and regardless of people's desire for the Lesnars/GSP's/Silva's at the event, I'm grateful for a UFC show to be in the UK. My question is - is there any way of increasing my chances of getting tickets? I know the event is yet to be officially announced and there's no ticket release date. However, is there a Fighters Club or something I've seen around the forums? Will membership of this apply to UK events? If the post earlier today is correct and floor seats are maximum of ?200, then I think that's not too bad!
  12. It's the bisping/hardy fights. Any Brits have an idea of the potential ticket prices for the o2 arena? Also-with events in Vegas when is the fan expo? The day before?
  13. Although slightly disappointed by the card, I think it'll be a great night and am looking forward to a weekend in London for the event. Does anybody have any idea about how much tickets will be? Also- when will the "Fan Expo" be and what does this entail? Thanks in advance.
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