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  1. You watch your ****ing mouth
  2. 19. JoshNOS ( 7 - 13 ) - 35.0% I didn't think anyone could be worse at predicting than @Conceive-Believe-Achieve
  3. Told you guys. If decompoze has a good card, it gets posted immediately.
  4. I should have taken all the dogs, instead of most
  5. Have a feeling its gonna be another dog night
  6. Ouch, 5-6. But, we probably gained on ol 5dimes over there.
  7. It is estimated that underdogs win in UFC approximately 35 percent of the time. And by our calculations, that means that the favorites win in UFC approximately 65 percent of the time. The underdog is of course expected to lose. But in the case where an underdog wins, the outcome is considered an upset. 5dimesyb ( 180 - 94 ) - 65.7%
  8. It would be a shame if somehow @-idyb- picks didnt get put in correctly, wink wink.
  9. I saw this on ig. Doesn't her nipple seem to be in a strange place? Its covered with a star.
  10. Morozov had a + by his odds, so obviously you didn't take him.
  11. We're waiting on those odds. Feel free to post them here before best fight picks puts them out. Hell, I'll let you just list the favorites now instead of the lines.
  12. P.S. The odds haven't been posted for this event yet, so don't bother looking for them
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