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  1. Not peoples. One person, 12er.
  2. Say what you want about dana, but they're losing a bunch of money by having their sport continue without an audience. Other sports are not catering to their fans like the ufc.
  3. I'm with you. Mods have their favs in here, no doubt.
  4. Then you decided to step in and play hero on 12ers behalf? If the conversation was between him and I, why did you temp ban me?
  5. We won't be hearing from him for about a day. When someone he hypes up loses, he tucks his tail and hides.
  6. Good times. Remember when you cried to juice to ban me because you can dish it but can't take it?! The good ol days.
  7. What a ****ing bum! Cut Lee immediately.
  8. That's the difference between you and me. When I see a lazy bum that self sabotages himself, I can't root for that, its unprofessional. You on the other hand can relate to bums, therefore they are your heroes. Makes you feel better about yourself. Have a great day.
  9. Adesanya is showing off that staph infection knowing that ufc doctors will get wind of this and cancel the fight. He's scared of Romero.
  10. Who you guys got? Israel Adesanya Or Yoel Romero?
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