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  1. I could've been flipping a coin for picks this year and still be ahead of CBA
  2. You're like the Chris Weidman of the prediction tournament. You're **** 9 out of 10 times, then you get a lucky win and think you're in line for a title shot. You're picking 46%! The sun shines on a monkeys **** every once in awhile I guess.
  3. Sean O'Malley will be a ufc champion some day.
  4. With this ****ty card, I think I'm gonna pull an idyb, just so I don't lose any ground. Don't want to put any effort into researching this card.
  5. Nevermind, read the rules.
  6. When Marcos fight is overturned to a nc, will that be reflected on our records?
  7. No you didn't. They were both underdogs you beta.
  8. Meant to pick Nunes, took Rousey. Restart poll so I can choose correctly.
  9. Is @Decompozestill in that air hockey league?
  10. This is true. Remember when Rogan said he wouldn't interview fighters after being knocked out? Back 2 back last night. Weili Zhang and Masvidal
  11. Weidman is the most delusional fighter in the ufc. I said this in another thread, but he'll spin this leg break into a reason on why he should be next in line for a title shot.
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