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  1. @PlatinumCleggWalking or running isnt a problem its changing direction that ****s with it. Like I sad I tore acl and meniscus 13 years ago, never had surgery, just physical therapy. I'm able to function in my daily life normally. Did you hear a pop? Do you have problems putting heel to floor when walking? Do you notice yourself almost walking on your toes on your right leg?
  2. Blew my acl out back in 2007 playing football. It sucks.
  3. That sucks. 110° out here in Phoenix. You stay cool out there
  4. Every time I wanna watch espn+, I have to reload it on Amazon. I only watch for ufc events which happen almost every week. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. You know decompoze had a good round if the standings are updated right after the event. If he did so so, he posts a day or two later.
  6. The worst part was I was looking into my own eyes in the mirror when it happened. I was ashamed of myself.
  7. I googled "just **** myself do I have corona" right after it happened.
  8. You're right, next time I'll **** in my truck
  9. Thanks for showing me my graph @Decompoze. I was able to see what I was doing wrong and erectify the situation.
  10. First time for me. I dont count when you're sick and a little comes out if you cough, sneeze, or try to fart. This was racing home with stomach gurgling. Had a good bubble of relief about a block away from my house. Right when I opened my door to my house, my sphincter must have thought that was good enough. Made it to the bathroom and full on crapped myself. It was runny. Had to throw away my boxers, socks, and shoes. Thank god I have tile floor.
  11. @DecompozeI wouldn't mind seeing my charts.....if you don't mind.
  12. Yeah, @-idyb-score is wrong. His randomizer selected JUICE to make his picks, and JUICE didnt make any, so......
  13. If you watch close, the last shot Cejudo hit Cruz with made him go limp. Ref stepped in and Cruz was starting to get up.
  14. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/05/ufc-249-epidemiologist-rips-dana-white-bogus-coronavirus-protocol-jacare-souza-positive

    Gaethje is +150.

    That's funny.

    Gaethje is +150.

    If Gaethje loses, he'll show us a fake slip of him taking Ferguson to save face. How long have you been here decompoze?
  17. I know you're from down unda, Mt. Rushmore only has room for four.
  18. Of course he does this. And, of course his wife knows. As long as the wives have that security and all that money, they could care less.
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