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  1. might be a good idea to bring a folding chair and grabage can with you just incase things get "hardcore"
  2. This would be an awesome fight but does wandy need another devasting KO?? Im not saying it will happen but it definatly can.... Uncle Dana would have to step in and have "the talk"
  3. Im not a fan of the kick to the knee....
  4. nobody left for him.... Now pack your bags GTFO here!!!
  5. is that what he said or what Greg Jackson told him to say??
  6. chicken bones is gonna be asking "what happend?" to ref tomorrow night
  7. LOL all his interviews have been good!! Not buying the t-shirt just yet but definatly coming around.
  8. ha ha hha haha ha ha....... funniest thing on here in a long time.. well said
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