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  1. Perfect pulled pork weather though 😁
  2. Cheers mate, I had no idea how far the card was in, woke up on the couch, which is never good lol, I still feel like s$%t
  3. I just put tips in, i did not pick the last 2 fights, still drunk, hungover like a C@#t, and to tell the truth I really don't care 😁
  4. Only early days lol, not even half way through the year.
  5. Sorry OZ, Stuart Broad is your new Avatar.
  6. Nice James Anderson post, lose another bet?
  7. On another note, there is no 145 pound class in the women's devision, UFC needs to get rid of it. All respect to Amanda Nunes for cleaning out the 135 and the 145 made for Cyborg.
  8. STERLING is the latest soccer player within the UFC, filthy cheating grub, should never have been ahead on any cards either, JOKE.
  9. I am in, whatever decision gets made 🙂
  10. I will take Damon Jackson if his fight with Bektic goes ahead please.
  11. I did not realise fights were on, tipped the last 5 😭
  12. Happy days, we are back in business 🙂
  13. Congrats Decompoze, very well run competition ? I am hoping you are the moderator next season also?
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