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  1. DC had his chance. should have manned up with the fight was offered
  2. 90% of the world's best MMA fighters are from these 2 countries. You'd think with the global popularity of MMA this would change at some point When do you think that the dominance of these 2 countries will end? If not, why do you think they dominate so much? When Mike Ricci moves to lightweight and Rory moves to welterweight. Then Canada will dominate. haha
  3. Hello, I'm trying to access the new forums using Firefox on a Mac Book Pro. Seems there are some issues surrounding this. Just a heads up!
  4. i use Bodog.ca and it lists entire cards for UFC (the marquee fights weeks in advance, the rest on the day of) and most fights for Bellator/Dream. they allow parlays and offer props on length of fights
  5. I hope UFC brings over The Voice! GOOD NIGHT IRENE!
  6. i'm more interested in the UFC on Fuel TV and UFC on FX shows?
  7. forgivemyhonesty


    this picture is a bit too clear. can you take a blurrier one?
  8. Is UFC on Netflix? Any Canadians here watch on Netflix? I usually watch the PPVs at my local pub but what about TUF, TUF finales, UFC on Fox, UFC on FX, UFC on Fuel TV? (the free cards) do they play live on Netflix?
  9. hahaha, cram it. Bendo will be beat up by Diaz Aldo will be outworked by Edgar Cruz will probably get submitted by Barao although i hope not.
  10. inspired by a previous thread but with a twist. Which of these champs will lose their belts in 2013. vote then comment to whom they will lose their belts. ***For the sake of argument, consider Bendo vs Diaz on Dec 8 and Dos Santos vs Cain on Dec 29 to be included in your consideration
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