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  1. CarlLane

    it was a fun ride

    account bet with Brock vs. Cain didn't work so well for me so now i take my leave later everybody
  2. i think it helps Brock a lot confidence wise, if he throws Konrad around no reason to think he wouldn't be able to do the same to Cain
  3. take the plunge account bet on it?
  4. he just grinned then the rest was history
  5. you make absolutely no sense
  6. you guys that think Cain has a chance here you go http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/showthread.php?t=60855 put your keyboards where your mistaken brains are at
  7. good thing you saved yourself, a lil and most of his fans...anyway that is a horrible reason to not like a fighter, his potential is astronomical and yes, he is better then Cain...
  8. you want Brock you know you do everybody loves a viking :cool:
  9. well if you watch the fight how many times has anybody been stood up in a dominant position like that before? plus look at his job in Jones vs. Hamill yeah Hamill was protecting him self, sort of and yeah Jones got frustrated and the the 12-6 elbows, but the only reason Hamill couldn't continue was his shoulder injury from when Jones threw him to the mat had nothing to do with the 12-6 elbows as far as Carwin goes? he never belonged in that octagon unless he had the gas to hang with Lesnar, he proved he didn't however i do see him as the only guy that can beat Brock but it's going to take some work for him, lets see what he does against a guy like Roy Nelson who can go more then one round and i think is the better technical striker then Carwin and has a chin
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