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  1. didn't mean to post so many times there sorry work computer is playing games
  2. whats wrong to much of a purist to have a go? getting ripped by a trekkie and someone who wants to get nailed by lesnor, those who cast stones living in glass houses sound accurate?
  3. whats wrong? too much of a mma purist?
  4. hahaha whats the problem to much of a purist to have imagination?
  5. lets say your a terrible wrestler can you just smear poo all over yourself like vaselineing up to put the opponent off takedowns? or just keep flirting with the guy in the build up to the match and every time it hits the floor feel his package and wink? either way if a guy did that to me i would want to stand up!
  6. Any fighters though history allowed and weight don't come into it, what two fighters would make the best wwf style tag team? i'm saying wandelei silva and mirko cro-cop during thier pride years! you best go into that fight with a chin or your screwed!
  7. people trash talk theese circus fights but the pull the crowd and the money so why not. no one would look back on machida vs bj penn as a circus event though penn had to grow a beer belly to make weight, what about fedor vs hong man choi that arm bar was brutal. it only become a circus fight when there is no talent on show. just look at zuluzinho senior absolute monster but with hard earned skills to boot.
  8. the heavy weight division is starting to look brutal. its just a shame that if fedor was in the ufc the rest would look second rate, the man is a machine! carwin to beat lesnor then cain to beat carwin.
  9. yeah man what about the tyson griffin fight? that has to be on of the best fights i've ever seen, the guy is a pitbull with more heart than the majority of fighters who do it for the paycheck.
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