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  1. Yup, that was ugly. They thought about winning but that doesn't help me. A fool and his money...
  2. How about a Decompoze rap? Check, check, 1, 2, 1, 2 Yo, Yo My name is Decompoze but I aint no poser That's right I'm Canadian you mother ****in hoser I maybe illin but I aint no villain My game is makin pics so 5idybdimes can suck my **** Peace!
  3. Umm, so I start the night 0-4, end the night 8-4. Alrighty then.
  4. And because I am a mild degenerate" parlayKC winHOU +13+182
  5. Oof. Has anyone gone ever gone O-fer? This is looking to be an ugly night for me.
  6. I fail at spoilers. Despite using without issue 5 posts before. So if you care read at own risk. 2/3 done What If? Episode 4 Doctor Strange - I'm meh over the character and movies. This has the most drama of the 4 eps. So far my #1. Episode 5 Zombies!!! Finally! I am disappointed. Way too cute not enough grit. Episode 6 Tony Stark doesn't become Iron Man. Not bad, again not really gritty. So far this has been a YA type of series. Just enough drama/grit but still not really scary/real/action. I am slightly down on the season. 3 more to go.
  7. Election day in Canada on Monday. I've always had a love/hate relationship with our voting system. We don't directly vote for the leader of our country. We vote for our local representative and that vote is also a vote for the party. Whichever party has the most votes, the leader of that party becomes leader of the country. Number of times over the years I've been conflicted. The local candidate is a numbnuts but I like the leader and vice versa. This year everything lined up so it was an easy X at the advance poll.
  8. For the uneducated/non-researched pick I went with CIN moneyline +126 Pros I am a Joe Burrow believer I actually like CIN offence They are playing the BEARS! Cons @ Soldier Field CHI defence should be better than Week 1 Andy Dalton revenge game (now he probably only gets a quarter/maybe half then Fields in and I'm probably screwed) CIN defence couldn't hold 10 point lead last week Just couldn't wrap my head around CIN being underdogs to CHI
  9. Phone just went crazy with emergency alerts. Back into lockdown we go. Wasn't really considering going back into the office, now don't have to worry.
  10. Me watching this game. I took Raiders outright +148 A retrospective in memes:
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