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  1. Dishwasher leaking Eavestroughs leaking Roof needs new shingles Need some of that Anderson/Lyoto cash
  2. Foreign Language 1. Seven Samurai - Japan 2. The Man on the Train - France 3. The Italian - Russia 4. Alive (2020) - South Korea 5. Run Lola Run - Germany Concert/Music 1. Live at the El Mocambo Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 2. Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival (2004) 3. Our Lady Peace - Live 4. Eagles - Hell Freezes Over 5. John Mayer - Where The Light Is (Live in LA) Movies you probably have never heard of let alone seen 1. The Legend of 1900 2. Son Of Rambow 3. Stealing Home 4. PCU 5. Tigerland
  3. I will continue to watch WandaVision only because I hope there is a big payoff after 9 eps. And there better be a big payoff or peoples gonna be pissed.
  4. Soul Perhaps I'm getting to old to feels everything you are supposed to during this film. It is very good just didn't resonate the way I have heard it did with others.
  5. Don't forget this is on early for us in North America. 1pm EST, 11am MST
  6. In case you were considering: Quebec couple hit with curfew-violation fine after wife walks husband on a leash
  7. Oh great. So another group jumps the vaccine line in front of me.
  8. Bunraku - 2010 Ron Perlman, Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson odd, stylized in the Sin City graphic novel type Was an okay watch but grinds to halt too many times
  9. Starts Friday Still not sold but will watch Looks like 2 eps Friday then weekly
  10. The Stand Terrible timing releasing a tv show based on a global flu pandemic/apocalypse. As a full on fanboi of the book and a fan of the original tv show: I am unnerved by the jumps forward and backward, left to right compared to the originals Still haven't made up my mind on Nick Andros Bill ****erbakke will always be Tom Cullen but this one is pretty good as well. Not much of a Whoopie fan. Dialogue is too brisk at times and a detriment to drama. Overall I have like it, not sure how those not familiar with source material would take it.
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