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  1. Like football I am all over the place and can't make up my mind. Right now thought is: Tuivasa -105 and Harris +145 Also thinking of hedging bets for title fight on winner/method Gaethje TKO/KO +255 balanced out with Khabib DEC +310
  2. When you're looking at old cards and think "Whoa, this is a Mark Messier rookie card" Then you turn it over to check out the front FFS
  3. @Bezerker101 Seized Mario Van Peebles, Uriah Hall and some scrub named Scott Adkins. Passable I liked Legacy of Lies much better
  4. No worries. I skipped Jung and impulse went Almeida. Sucks to be me 😷. Small throw away. Just need Baltimore and NYG to win tomorrow.
  5. I'm weak, was going to skip this card Saw Almeida drop to -130 so I grabbed it. Edit: That's what I get for impulse betting
  6. Somebody explain to me why she's not -500. Is ****lyn Chookhfjrhwgstir actually going to land anything meaningful or just get on her bike and woosh woosh woosh for fifteen mins? Thanks to you mopes I have already resigned myself that every time she throws anything regardless of whether it lands or not I am going to say out loud woosh woosh.
  7. Thanks. Even money on my site. Gonna have to start looking at winner + method. Money to be made if correct.
  8. Lomachenko/Lopez - tomorrow Anyone know if the undercard is worth watching?
  9. Struggling to find something interesting to bet on this card. Maybe Almeida -150 just because or Botelho +150 in an upset. Might just go get a growler filled and be done with it.
  10. Official Secrets Good cast, ok movie, better mindset by me would've made it a better movie.
  11. Just watched ep 7 & 8 back to back. Liked this season more than expected. I was okay with the end **** kicking 3 on 1. Much better than the blatant Avengers scene(s)
  12. Just got home from Thanksgiving supper. Missed entire card Gonna have to watch Buckley Went 1/3 in picks for a small overall profit. Nice entry into online betting.
  13. Ok need help from the experts What makes more sense: Mint Ken Griffey Jr rookie or Ok shape (at best) and not rookie Mantle, Musial, May, Aaron etc Roughly same prices
  14. Got Buckley for 2.90 and Moraes for 2.05 Praise or condemnation for @cashfl0w and @Bezerker101 depending on how Saturday night plays out.
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