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  1. Co-workers keep talking about TableTop Simulator. Currently on sale on Steam
  2. Okay think I figured out login problems My movie update: Tried to go lighter and animated. Shawn the Sheep: Farmageddon Didn't get it, didn't finish Onward Good kids movie, not the greatest for adults Went the complete opposite direction remake of Black Christmas Terrible. Watched 1st 15 mins, figured out the 5W's. Watched the last 15 mins. to see how it ended. Don't bother
  3. I swear the opening scene felt like a McConaughey buick commerical. Good movie. Agree 7/10
  4. TIL that you are not supposed to flush kleenex. I thought it was BS and just a new thing due to volume. Nope always been a thing.
  5. Bloodshot was better than expected but still pretty bad.
  6. Picard season 1 finale tonight. I liked this good new story with old characters thrown in.
  7. Kids should like it. Adults probably not as much. Next in the queue The Gentlemen, Bloodshot, Midway, Onward
  8. @-idyb- at least drink a better brand of vodka. No wonder you feel like ? and can't remember anything the next morning.
  9. The Hunt Yup, holy crap this is an awful movie
  10. The Hunt, Emma, Onward and the Invisible Man available yesterday
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