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  1. Just thought I'd let those of you who played this know, the game has had a lot of upgrades, and is going pretty well now. Lots of new options. Give it a look.
  2. I know bro, I would not watch. Lol
  3. I remember Kyria asking me what I'd do if you fought Dan. I just wouldn't watch. Lol
  4. Why the **** would I lie about Paul posting here?
  5. Be ready to be proved wrong. Paul just sent me a pic to post here.
  6. Thanks man, just not with my time or energy. Too many ****s hiding behind their keyboards.
  7. It is the real Paul. I am sure you could take him, right? I'd like to see you make him tap to strikes. People wonder why fighters don't post here.
  8. No offense bro, I really like you, but I do not need anyone here to praise me. To be honest, I hate this place and only came to check on Paul's account. After this, I'll be gone again.
  9. Glad to see you got your account straightened out Paul. Just give me a call if you need anything else.
  10. Evan!!!!!!! Same as always bro, amazing!!!!
  11. G__row

    Team Amazin'

    I never knew you played. I still do. I have every belt in that game. My camp is SOLID....lol
  12. G__row

    Team Amazin'

    First of all, what are you doing with the MMarmy belt????? LOL Second, guys, really....knock off the gay ****ry and other inappropriate name calling.
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