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  1. So much to add, but this was a great idea. Just some ideas: The Brock Boom Shogun-Machida I Conditions-Diaz War The Shinsplint War and Exodus
  2. The fact that he was killed makes the situation unfortunate, I dont believe it had to happen. However, I think there is more to the story then what is being reported. I am always suspicious when I see a graduation photo chosen as a "victim's" picture. I do agree with you to a point, it is easy to be dismissive after Trayvon, Gardener, Rice, and all the other cries for wolf. With that said, I would still like to know more of the story before coming to a conclusion.
  3. Yeah, you're probably right. I hated his character, so it's whatever. But I do think he can still be alive. He did sign a 3 year extension, and he already expressed his preference for remaining on the show over college.
  4. It could very well happen, but not likely. Gimple never said he was going to die, and he never says or does anything by mistake. I have a very likely theory that Carl will not only live, but also end the war with the Saviors.
  5. I think it was a pretty good episode, they did well at creating tension. I'm 95% sure Carl isn' going to die.
  6. Playing semantics with Gowdy is a dangerous game, he's a straight killer when it comes to this stuff.
  7. House of Cards & Daredevil are phenomenal. I recommend the other Marvel shows as well, but Daredevil stood out, IMO.
  8. One one of my friends who's a "proud" member of PETA saw that video and wanted to find him online, I'm guessing so she could harass him. Ends up the guy is deceased. What a way to go out, punching a kangaroo. If only we could all be so lucky.
  9. I wouldn't say I like him, he seems like he's probably a prick. However, with that said, I do admire his ability to form an argument. I have never seen anyone debate him and be even remotely competitive. He does his research and knows his stuff, that's for sure. I don't like him, but I certainly respect him.
  10. He's right, Milo is an oddball. He's an intelligent man, but he puts on a facade that I don't care for. However, he's talented at debating, though he's no Ben Shapiro (then again, neither of them are).
  11. He's the man, he was just as cool in person as he is TV. Leonie hooking us up with his Q&A was better than the following Rashad vs Jones fight.
  12. Tons of turnovers today, not sure if it is great defense or terrible offense.
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