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  1. Im a mod and after my small hiatus i have no. Idea what the hell is going on anymore...
  2. Mir would win imo. Although he hasnt got a great double leg he has pretty decent judo when giving the chance to use it. Good trips and throws. Mir via Arona style body squeeze. ( body triangle)
  3. tweet? i dont have a twitter account haha i did but deleted it.
  4. yeah seems so i just put a few event on to record. yeah it seems that way the only Strikeforce vent i actually remember seeing here was... em... Daley Diaz i think. I also remember buying Monsoon : god of martial arts - Sylvia vs Pudz. but we dont seem to get an awful lot.
  5. really? that sucks ****. Im happy for now i just found Varner vs Cerrone WEC 38 on extreme sports
  6. is this on tv in Britain? hopefully a free channel since im skint haha
  7. hmmm interesting fight. Should be a scrap. but if Rampage decided to wrestle it will be even more interesting. Although Glover trains with chuck who has great wrestling i wonder how much wrestling is even practiced in that camp. I gotta give it to Rampage at the moment.
  8. Hell it was a horrible thing i get it. But unless there is a sudden boom in things like this happening i see no point in it. Also if teachers had guns and another lunatic decided to do something similar they would just avoid the school with armed teachers wouldnt they? Whats stopping them from going to nurserys,day cares,old peoples homes, hospitals,librarys, parks, office blocks or where ever. Should everyone everywhere get firearms training? Giving teachers firearms is just the first step to everybody getting firearms training. This tragedy could have happened anywhere at anytime its just so happens this guy chose a school.
  9. i personally will just give my 2 cents. Although with the mass media coverage of the tragedy people are likely to over think things. Horrible things happen daily in the world. The only reason this got world wide media attention is because of the guns laws in america. Teachers should not have guns. If anything perhaps secrurity in the schools. Even that is a push. This was just a lone nut that went crazy. It's not like its a daily occurance. Sure if this was happening regularry then i would understand the need to give teachers weapons to defend themselves and there students. But it isnt. What happened was horrible and i feel for the familys but giving weapons to teachers will only make matters worse sure people may find themselves feeling safer having there children in schools knowing there are people there to protect them from anything but what about the children being exposed to weapons on a daily basis? Surely it can't be good for a child to be in daily contact with a firearm? Hell if i had to go somewhere everyday knowing someone had a gun on them all the time i would be scared hell knowing i would vbe scared i would hate to know how the children would feel. The last thing i would want is for my kid being scared everytime they go to school and eventually becoming desensitised to fire arms i would be teaching my kids to run like hell if they see someone with a gun that is not a police officer.
  10. peope should not be held responsible for the actions of an ansestor.
  11. Ive been great man how about you?
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