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  1. this world is getting to be a scary place.
  2. Mauro started out in pro wrestling. I remember back in the day he was the voice of Maple Leaf Wrestling in Winnipeg. He was alo a big part of the Canadian Fighting Championships, an MMA organization in Winnipeg just a few years ago, Dan Christison from Season two of Ultimate Fighter did a couple fights there. I met Mauro there and the guy is genuinely super nice and loves MMA and wrestling. I think this is a good thing for WWE. I will actually startt watching smackdown again.
  3. Sadly this event probably won't sell out, and UFC won't come here again. I was excited when they announced this as I have been to events in Calgary and Winnipeg., but I can't even get time off to go to the presser or the open workouts. Hopefully I will be at the show Sunday night.
  4. Bravo13

    Doug Died

    I read somewhere that he wrote his own obituary before he passed. That is good stuff. I know what I want mine to say now.
  5. Yep. The old guy still kickin around here. I love this place too much to go elsewhere. I'm on everyday, just don't post a lot. Busy putting stuff together.
  6. Couple things... first, maybe tone it down on calling someone a child molester on here. Secondly, I am not a big fan of Louie and I do a lot of work with helping abused kids, but I will not be offended by what he said. And, I believe in the right to free speech. He can say what he wants, but he is not free from the consequences of what he said. People who are upset or outraged by it can "vote with their feet". If I don't like a comedian or any other performance (band, movie, etc), I won't pay money to go see it. Seems pretty simple to me. I don't like it, I don't pay to see it. Too many people these days seem to think that if they're offended by something they need to convince everyone else to be offended too. Make a statement by not paying the man's wages, and move on. Way too many sensitive people in the world.
  7. Mitch Hedberg, JIm Jefferies, George Carlin
  8. That last one was funny. I missed the roast. Have to catch it on a rerun.
  9. Heyman is a master at the shoot/work interviews. I love watching him. I also believe that last week was probably a technical problem and Heyman ran with it then, so they continued it this week. They will probably end up showing "who is doing it" in the next few weeks, leading to a beatdown by Brock. I disagree with the whole UFC/WWE belt thing. I don't like the lines to be crossed. I hated it with Bellator and YNA. I think it makes mma look "predetermined" like pro-wrestling. I don't like seeing people like King Mo and Tito go back and forth.
  10. A few years ago, maybe 8 or 9, we took a trip to Indiana to meet a couple from the old TUF forum. Dan Christison (TUF season 2) and his wife. Both great people and we remain friends. Our only plan for the trip was to leave this day, be in Indiana this day, and be home this day. SWo, I poosted on the forum each night our route for the next day and asked which members were along the way. Met a lot of really cool people, ones you talk to on the forum and finally got to meet.
  11. Also.. these guys. The Dead South. They're a fun bluegrassy band. Young guys but they can play those instruments like crazy. Also on spotify. Byt he way, these guys are doinga fundraiser for my local chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse for free.
  12. Band from Red Deer Alberta. Love them live. They're called Dusty Tucker. Check them out on spotify
  13. Love tattoos. I have two. one of Mighty Mouse (the cartoon not the fighter). And one of a grim reaper (it was for ten years in my job as a body pick up person). I have more planned as well. Getting one with four skulls, customized to represent my kids. (yes I know nothing says love like rotting human flesh) I also have my 8 year old granddaughter drawing a colorful skull of her own creation that I will get as a tattoo. Plan on having both sleeves done eventually. Mostly color, I love black and grey, but not on me. I gotta be colorful!
  14. This has ppv potential written all over it!
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