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  1. Lol, honestly, like I said I don't care what you think and I only called you out after u started talkin ****. Do what you want, doesn't bother me. Just like whatever I do shouldn't bother you. Get a life, dude
  2. Honestly Bader does deserve a title shot but honestly it's sad that title shots don't go by rankings... I heard somewhere Chael might get the next shot.
  3. I guess if you mean 'higher quality' then I'm confused why the HEADLINERS of the WSOF card are guys who got cut from the UFC. And correct me if I'm wrong but I never tried to convince you anything, and frankly don't care what you think. I didn't ask for your opinion so just worry about yourself and maintaining your rep as baddest dude on the internet. I hope one day I can have no life and get 15000 posts on an internet forum just talking pure ****. Also it's kinda funny you spend money on a fight club membership just to talk **** about UFC. Bye, sir.
  4. What's Saturday? I'm going to Mohegan next Friday for bellator. (for free)
  5. The card here was kinda weak anyways, and I had other plans. I make vacations out of the events I attend. Been to Montreal (3), Atlata, Jersey (2), Dallas, Boston (2), and going to Orlando in December. Don't worry I get my money's worth...
  6. They also support other cans too, I.e. Brady. Although I WOULD let Bader get a high five... On a serious note, yes I get it, Bader DESERVES a title shot, but I think that would not sell as good as DC and Jones rematch. Also, I don't think DC is ducking Bader cuz he is scared, he just wants the rematch with Jones and that fight would put a lot more money in his pocket than a Bader fight.
  7. And honestly couldn't give a **** less about bader... I know he has the longest lhw win streak, but he just bores me. He has the personality of a bologna sandwich.
  8. I wanna see rumble vs Jones either way, cuz that's what was supposed to happen in the first place, BEFORE Jones went to such extreme measures to duck him, getting himself in trouble, stripped of title, probation, etc...
  9. Well, tell me I'm wrong about anything I said... you can't... and just because I don't have 8000 post doesn't mean I'm new. I just have better things to do than debate with internet tough guys who have no life.
  10. Maybe the guy who just beat him twice in a row... and, if you are gonna start all this Wiedman got lucky stuff, save it.
  11. Big Nog vs Lil NogNate vs Nick Sergio vs Anthony GSP vs OSP Ken vs Frank All the brothers LMAO GSP vs OSP... hahahaha =))
  12. Cain's chin is questionable. I could see this happening. Shirley, you can't be serious... Cain wasn't out cold when JDS hit him in the first fight, he got hit right in the ear and that messes up your equilibrium... it was early in the fight, and JDS did a good job jumping on him and hitting him with more shots. Also, if you look at the second and third fight with JDS, although he was dominant, JDS did hit him quite a few times, with good shots, and couldn't put him away. Furthermore, remember the Cheik Kongo fight, he was dropped many times and hurt badly, but pushed through and won the fight. So, considering he has only lost one fight in his life, and was never actually unconcious, calling his chin "questionable" is silly. Maybe you should watch more tape on him.
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