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  1. Ah nice, good luck, if I see you on here in a few weeks I will know you have survived lol
  2. yeah pretty good man, just got really busy with university and whatnot and never found time to come on here. How about yourself?
  3. It's because the Conor fight wasn't a real fight
  4. Whittaker's striking is so fun to watch, crazy power in his hands
  5. Great to see O'Reilly get his first UFC win tonight, trains BJJ at the same gym as me, stoked for him Whittaker was br00tal Kenny kept saying he wanted to see Miocic vs Cain, Cain destroys him, Hunt still GOAT doe
  6. Reddit is the equivalent of the Fight Pass prelims
  7. Have you talked to her about her being a bit "too much"? Maybe she'll change if she knows it really bugs you, or maybe try sleeping in dumpsters for a bit, I heard it helps
  8. put on some great matches both in WWE but WCW especially with Eddie, Malenko and Juventud. I also remember his feud with Jericho they stole the show basically every PPV
  9. I've got over 10k posts and can run 10k and will still your woman with my freakishly good looks m8
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