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  1. There's a little over a 1200 point gap between 1st and 3rd and handleyms has been rock solid so I think that's definitely locked up. There's almost a 600 point gap between 2nd and 3rd so I guess that could still be up for grabs but Denizen has been solid as well and if he does well enough he could potentially take 1st from handleyms if he has a bad card. There's not a lot of fights on this card but there is tons of extra points in all the tight matchups and bonus' which makes up for it and then some. Should make for an interesting final card with you having a legit chance at snatching first. Best of luck!
  2. One event left for the season and it looks like the #1 and #2 spots are locked up. Now it's a race for 3rd between JChristian522, jblackford and myself. I like the fact that UFC 189 is the first event to start the next season.
  3. It's all good. A new season starts with UFC 188. Seasons are 10 events long so these next 10 could be important if we're getting close to contention for a title. It comes down to score average, pick % and earnings. From What I've seen you do good in all.
  4. That's why I'm coming and asking you guys. I already have a big team with enough members on my team (25) to compete in any division. The only problem is 75% of them are inactive now. My camp is MMAFrenZy.com and all our members came fom the forums of MMaFrenZy.com. That site went downhill and the forums are gone so many of our members went mia. Was hoping to get my camp going again with a mixture of the old school MmaFrenZy crew and the FC crew. I think if we can get a handful of us (who are active each event and willing to commit to this team) we could compete in whichever division we're in. You're good, Mcmax3000 is good, bigdw35/Ufc_fan1 is good, jblackford is good, Peelman is good, gadgest 19 is good and so are many other FC members. We know our stuff. So if you're willing to commit, I'm willing to have you. If you're not interested, that's ok as well.
  5. I'm happy that you joined bigdw35/Ufcfan_1 and I know the team's pleased to have you! Hope to see some other FC members join as well. I'll stay on you JChristian522, I know you'll be a good asset to the team and I'm sure you'll enjoy the way the site works. McMax3000 you're wanted! Same with many other FC members! gadgets19 (handleyms) is looking pretty good....
  6. Half way through the season and handleyms^^^^ is in first! Good job! Best of luck on the 2nd half! I was also wondering if any of you from the FC would be willing to join my camp on mmaplayground.com? That's where prozacnation does all of his fantasy mma. I recently added a couple FC members to my team. It's a little different on mmaplayground, it's individual as well as team and there's betting along with picking. At the start of each season everyone gets $1000 to wager with. There's 10 events per season so you have to try and make as much as possible in that span. Whether you have little or lots left, after each season it gets reset back to $1000. Picks are pretty much the same as UFC Pick Ems. The only difference is on mmaplayground when picking a decision you have to pick either Unanimous or Split. We all compete against everyone on the site individually, but if you're in a camp you also compete in whatever weightclass your camp is in to try and finish first each season against other camps in your division. What division you're in depends on how many active members you have in your camp. LW is 2+ members, WW is 4+ members, MW is 6+ members, LHW is 9+ members and HW is 18+ members. I have 25 members on my camp but only 4-7 are active right now. We've been around for awhile and won the MW title a few season back, so we're pretty good. We're sitting 3rd in WW right now with 1 event left. Just need to add more active members to try and compete in the heavier divisions and eventually compete against prozacs team at HW. His team's the two time defending heavyweight champs on the verge of winning a 3rd straight. One well known FC member and Mod has already joined my team, bigdw35/Ufcfan_1. It would be nice if we could get multiple well known members added to our team. Especially guys like JChristian522 and Mcmax3000 along with many others. Check out the site, check out my camp and maybe sign up and let me know if you want to join. Edit: Also, a new season on mmaplayground is going to start with UFC 188. It's 10 events per season on there and this next FN card is the final event. It would be nice to get a bigger team ready to rock by then.
  7. Yeah I didn't start making picks on the UFC's site until the 2015 season was already underway. I've been doing fantasy mma on the mmaplayground site since 2011 but once I realized you can get rewards points doing it through the UFC site I decided to make picks through there too. So I'll make sure to catch all the events from here on out. The two month season is pretty cool, mmaplayground has a similar format where after every 10 event a new season begins. Winning or losing a season isn't really a biggie to me, it's just fun making picks on all the fights and trying to keep a good percentage. The only thing I hate is when I pick below 50% on a card. But I went 11/12 for UFC 186 (with Kaufman being my only hiccup). Almost had that perfect card and 200 more rewards points. Maybe next time.
  8. Good thing I wasn't apart of your group for the last two months or I'd be holding that title. BHC3 - 12990points 47/69winners 18perfect 14bonus JChristian522 - 12925poinst 46/69winners 14perfect 21bonus You guys got a jump on me in total points though. I missed a handful at the beginning. Good luck to all in the next 2 months. Do we compete with other groups or just the people in ours?
  9. @bradenC3 AWESOME... LOVE IT Just sent you my email, it's a long one! Hope you like it enough to give me the W!
  10. @FightClubber - I'll definitely send an email before Friday saying why I love fight club with my favorite UFC memory to go with it! I have an amazing experience to share with you! Thanks again!
  11. @FightClubber - Thank you so much for letting me know, I'll definitely check it out!!
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