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  1. Let's say, hypothetically, that the Left was successful in legally confiscating all guns. Then what is the Left going to say after the next school shooting, given that, by definition, criminals ignored the gun ban?
  2. Eh, Lester, Savannah and Hoda seemed to think there's been 18 school shootings this year.
  3. Well, I haven't looked any of this up but I assumed the shortage was mainly the individual chicken pieces.
  4. Eh, have a pot pie until more chicken arrives. Those things are delicious.
  5. And that's the way it's intended to be taken by those who push this false narrative. To push the anti-gun agenda.
  6. Perfect. All these third world countries can download pictures of food and clean water as they starve to death.
  7. For me, it wasn't as 'bad' as it was 'inappropriate.' It sounded like a sensual, sexual rendition of the anthem...which, of course, is inappropriate. Pitch? Spot on ...cadence?...didn't like it at all. And the whispering of the words...**** that. Once again, proving for me, that these Hollywood ****tards can't be trusted to know what's appropriate or proper for a given situation.
  8. Never read the comics like many of you...best movie from Marvel for me has been Dr. Strange. He'll prpbably have a miniscule part in Infinty War. But may be a good point for me, afterward, to break away and read some of this old stuff on him.
  9. This had piqued my interest. If you've decided you don't like her, I'd be interested to know why to compare or contrast to my own reasons. In relation to the re-opened investigation into the emails, that's a reflection on Comey, not necessarily Hillary. Even still...we can always agree to disagree...if we disagree. I want to know more.
  10. Thought I was watching an episode of LA Law.
  11. Sorry sober...check is in the mail to McMod...
  12. Probably better access than Premium Forum ever got.
  13. What, a generic safety concern of a shooter anytime his class is in the auditorium?
  14. I can only say 'I hate her guts' so many times...so I decided on something different.
  15. TBH, I don't know that 'exploitation' is the word that I'd use for any of it. The kids have made appearances on several shows. The shows gave them the platform. But it seemed the kids had proactively asked for it in that they've formed a consensus amongst some of them and they're going after the NRA. If they ask for the time, and tv gives it to them, is it exploitation? I do think they're traumatized and not thinking clearly. Not to mention that they don't know enough about any of this to form an informed opinion. (I'd love to see if any one of them can name the three branches of our government). They're simply spouting what they hear from others and, of course, the anti-gun lobby is the loudest. As for Trump, I wish he had just kept his mouth shut. Did the Russia collusion investigation interfere? I doubt it but, generally speaking, he's not wrong. The FBI has better things to do than continue down this collusion road.
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