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  1. Huh? I thought the first debate was on September 29th? ...9 days away.
  2. Sure, I can admit that 4 is ridiculous and if it were strictly a player issue, thats one thing. This is one that the refs screwed up and it changed the outcome. There were 10 mins left in the game and the refs dedicated 5 of those to the Sharks. Again, no, they shouldn't have allowed 4 and Gallant should have called a timeout after the 1st or the 2nd goal to settle the players.... but NONE of them should have been in that position in the first place. The refs changed the game.
  3. Doesn't matter. The entire job of the refs is to get the calls right so the game is right, that didn't happen here. Allowing 4 or not is irrelevant as they should have never been in that position in the first place if the refs were doing their job correctly.
  4. You'd be right if you weren't wrong. Hell every hockey analyst disagrees with the Vegas call last year and the NHL went as far as to change the rules and CITING that game in the process.
  5. So are you a Sharks fan then? What did Vegas do in the playoffs with the Sharks that you didn't like? The refs were clearly on the Sharks side. As for DeBoer... idk what to think about him yet.
  6. How can you hate Vegas? Also... **** Pavelski!!
  7. Don't get me started on that bull****.
  8. Whoops. Forgot about this. Wouldn't matter anyway lol. I've just been making random picks to get them in, not really playing since hockey is on right now. Noticed I have been sucking a lot the last few events lol. Research definitely helps.
  9. Kids can't buy a rifle, but they are allowed to use one for hunting, learning, etc... the law makes sense to me.
  10. Thanks. Ended up going with my boy Frankie. Been one of my favs since I saw him fight Tyson Griffin... great fight btw.
  11. It may, but you can't keep letting it slide or it will continue regardless of what happens in the future. Plus, I don't think their mob is as big or as capable as the mob that might spawn if **** like this doesn't stop. They don't know it, but a war... they don't want.
  12. Once hockey is over, I will become more committed to doing the research and watching past fights again lol. I really have gone with favs on most all of my picks the last 3 events.
  13. I don't get any hype around O'Malley. If he gets past Vera, I hope they give him Connor. Connor will ****ing wreck him.
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