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  1. mmmmmmkay. Ask Hillary about that, she knows about bleach.
  2. I am admittly choosing songs that I have noticed to be popular with people that don't typically like these genres, but give one listen to each and tell me you don't like these lol... Country Faith-based - this is an incredible song in my opinion lol.
  3. Country is where it is at. I was the same way though when I was younger, I couldn't stand country, now it is the majority of what I listen to. Pop/rap/hip-hop music nowadays is utter ****ing garbage, very little good out there. Rock nowadays is sung by whiny ****es. I honestly don't understand what people like about most music nowadays. I caught the wife watching something on NBC or some channel last night and it was Miley Cyrus (looking like a straight up mess) butchering Queen songs. Anyone in their rightful mind should have been offended. There are some really incredible gospel songs out there though. Of course, you may need to be religious or at least a believer to fully enjoy them.
  4. I liked DMX growing up, but lets be real, he isn't going to go down as one of the greats or anything unless it is for barking on a track.
  5. Day drinking are ya?
  6. I actually did a few times. But that has nothing to do with his defense. O'Malley was utilizing his footwork and speed to be elusive, which is a good trait as well, but he showed no striking defense. Those two are complete separate skills.
  7. Couldn't have said it better than Rogan just did. Ngannou CLEARLY learned from the first fight. Smart training.
  8. Well in his fight leading up to Volkan, I watched some of Jiris old fights. I didn't see much taunting, but he was still keeping his hands low, I guess its just part of his style since he is pretty lanky if I remember correctly.
  9. Hoping for a quick Ngannou KO. Nothing against Stipe either, just really want that Ngannou/Jones fight lol.
  10. Appreciate it. Dude was taunting like crazy and leaving his hands down.... but he also has like 24 KOs in 27 wins lol, so he can bang. I anticipate many highlights in this dudes future even if they aren't all on his side.
  11. Not at all. I have no intention to 'put the man down'. I have known fighters, I have trained some myself, I have been watching for 20 years... I will say he looked more aggressive than previous fights, but he still didn't look like he wanted to be there. That's why I said he needs to figure out what he wants right now. IIRC he isn't on great terms with White and the UFC and if so, that probably has something to do with his desire/drive. I think he is ready to retire, he just doesn't want to commit to that yet.
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