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  1. I don't mind the grappling mechanics too much - not a fan of the sub mechanics though, but I don't like.... once you select your weightclass, you can't move up or move down - you do whatever the game wants I think weight cutting should be part of the training process - that way I could build a character that could reach 3 different weight classes. fighters should retire. There is no reason that I should be fighting Jon Jones for the 8th time when he is 50+ and has a record of like 135-40 especially when the game forces your character to retire. get rid of the "tweets" there are seriously only like 20 different tweets and you see like 3-7 each fight prep and so they repeat a lot, dumb. allow me to turn down fights. add more organizations to truly work your way up... bring back WEC, Strikeforce, Elite XC... I think the UFC owns all the rights to those. make power matter. Too many times you have 100 power and you land a CLEAN hard shot and they take it no problem. I have watched probably thousands of fights over the years spanning multiple organizations and I have seen plenty of one punch KOs Need more customizable options too. I think WWE games have more options than this. Take the focus of style off of the camps and have them about building relationships inside the game. Make the camp matter. Too often there is a notification or ufc minute or something about your fighter switching camps when realistically you aren't 'giving up on your camp' or whatever, you chose it to level certain areas up faster. How about you pick a camp, build trust, relationships, etc... invite specialists to train/prep for a fight with to level those areas up - make it an additional cost to the fighter. Idk, I might be the only one thinking that, but I don't like the idea of leaving my camp for something new. Sounds like someone giving up on their team... but leaving your team should be an option and it should effect those relationships and reputation. Again, idk, I think thats a cool idea. Add more styles. But this backyard brawl is dumb in my opinion and the muay thai golden cobra.... wtf is this, mortal kombat? Again, just add more promotions to fight from, let me negotiate contracts and all that... I don't need a golden corba or drunken neighbors in a backyard cage. Anyone ever play MMARMY.COM? EA could learn from small, no action games like that too.
  2. Damn near any other fight on this card could/should have headlined over this. Man I wish Burns didn't catch the covid, I was really liking his chances against Usman.
  3. I was thinking something similar. GSP should comeback out of retirement for him lol
  4. Masvidal looked like he was blowing kisses to Usman at the end there. But another round to Usman.
  5. So far of round 3... just copy and paste round 2.
  6. Round 1 to Masvidal. Could get interesting if Usman keeps taking shots like that, but I bet Masvidal gasses and Usman grinds out a decision.
  7. Stepped away to watch... a few points... Salikov did not win that fight in my eyes and I picked him. Knew I should have picked Jiri. Was going back and forth on that pick for like an hour, no lie. Holloway got robbed and I didn't pick him.
  8. Zhlagas The Bunny Zhamagulov - dude is hopping constantly.
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