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  1. if you have anything in that place, get it out now
  2. I love how my facebook is split right now....my friends are generally, mostly Christians...here are the posts I see daily: Black Friends: I'd be questioning your Christianity if you are voting for Trump, someone who can't deny White Supremacy. White Friends: I'd be questioning your Christianity if you are voting for Biden. someone who continues to allow Abortion. Then each post has a looooooong comment thread of everyone attacking each other.
  3. Favorite: William Henry Harrison Why: B/c he did the least amount of damage to a Country as possible....b/c he died after 31 days in office.
  4. weekly macd gets exciting around the new year
  5. if you don't vote for one of the two major piles of crap, then you cannot complain about the piles of crap that is shoved down your throat for the next 4 years....mmmkay If I don’t accept something to begin with (in this case, the institution of coercive government), what logic would it be on my part to have any sort of association and/or dealings with it that perpetuates its legitimacy—and then complain about it? If I don’t like Chinese food, I don’t go to Chinese restaurants. (And since the owners of the Chinese restaurants can’t come after me to force me to patronize their businesses, then there’s no need for me to complain about Chinese food.) But if you do associate and/or have dealings with something, then there is a tacit understanding that you have accepted its conditions. For example: If you are a left-winger who believes in government and voting—but obviously didn’t vote for Trump—then when Trump was elected you had no right to complain; you’d already agreed to the condition that you would accept the results of the election regardless of who wins. (Of course, a person can complain about certain aspects of the government in the same way that I can complain about some of the food in a restaurant that I do patronize.) On the other hand, since I (as a voluntaryist) don’t accept the legitimacy of (nor even the need for) coercive government to begin with, I have every right to complain about this inefficient, corrupt monopoly forcing itself on my personal being when I don’t even want the services that it provides.
  6. I'm not sure he lost any...I understand the premise tho, but I think it's too early to say he lost them.
  7. Trump didn't win any votes last night
  8. got my snacks and drinks ready for the debate....every time Biden forgets a word or falls asleep or pisses his pants, I'm gonna crack off a few rounds of .556 and yell 'Murica!
  9. If Biden is too weak or incontinent to last 30 mins during a talk, how can he function as president? serious question.
  10. lol at biden wanting a break every 30 mins
  11. Wonder what they will pump Biden with to keep him alive tonight
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