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  1. autopsy shows George Floyd had coronavirus...so he was gonna die anyway...they can stop rioting now
  2. Which you should currently be gravely concerned about due to all the young people mass gathering right now...right?
  3. I'll have an XD.40 with 3 mags...could bring more mags but might be impractical...I'm tempted to bring heavier weapons but do not have a way to secure the weapons in the vehicle while i'm out of the car...which will be for around 4-5hrs. I'll be driving a 2012 Yukon Denali Sport...only other option would be a 2012 F250...not sure it's worth the hassle to go get the F250 tonight tho...hmm
  4. NOLA protestors blocked I-10 interstate yesterday....I'm driving exactly where they've been protesting tomorrow around 11am and then again around 4pm....with my 12yr old daughter. Any recommendations?
  5. bad move....his chances of getting off just increased....chances of more protests once the trial ends just increased
  6. @classicboxer Are you still concerned over the lives that are gravely at risk from the mass gatherings that we have seen over the last 5 days?
  7. Why do all these protesters hate my parents and grandparents so much? SO much hate that they are willing to risk my loved ones' lives so they can protest in mass gatherings!!!!! THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MASS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOSPITALS WILL BE OVERRUN WITHIN 14 DAYS....FOOD SHORTAGES ARE BACK....TOILET PAPER IS STILL NOT RECOVERED.... THINK OF THE OLD PEOPLE...IF IT SAVES 1 LIFE, IT'S WORTH ENDING THESE PROTESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Swanson Quotes are a part of my Children's home school curriculum!
  9. I bought sooooo much toilet paper in preparation for the Hospitals being overrun again. I trust you all are doing the same as well.
  10. More of this and there's less need for police https://www.reddit.com/r/GeorgeFloydRiots/comments/guz8os/a_swarm_of_looters_attempt_to_rob_a_store_then/
  11. very nice https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/phil-robertson-newfound-daughter-details-first-meeting-201058370.html
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