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  1. a literally angry mob of 50+ people are chanting in the streets....they decide to break down the private gate entrance to your property and march on your property within 20-30 feet of your and your wife... and you think a hood nagger would be in the right to claim self-defense????
  2. I saw a video of this group asking a white man (who was sitting in his vehicle) where their reparations were.....and I thought - Hey, isn't this armed robbery?
  3. they need a lot more members if they coming for the South
  4. this isn't BLM....it's something else...think lead by black hebrew israelites that want a black ethno-state
  5. holy mother friggin crap I just re-watched Last Man on Earth 2015-2018(one of my favorite TV Shows)...a virus takes out humanity in 2019...they have episodes of people saying - It's nothing but the flu...people walking around in medical masks etc....people expecting a vaccine that never comes....signs up asking people to wear masks and wash hands....people quarantining... crazy
  6. someone make an official 2020 USSA Election Thread...make a public poll so we can track who predicts what.
  7. my 12yr old is all about Kylo btw...can't wait to meet him in Disney...wishes she could meet Adam in real life....says Kylo saved the sequel trilogy. I tend to agree with her.
  8. Watched TLJ today...and realized if Rose would not have "saved your life stupid" of Finn....he would have been successful and destroyed the cannon. So glad they took that moron out of ROS.
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