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  1. 😆 CANada...officially a police state now...y'all done fooked up now
  2. So you shorting bitcoin somewhere?
  3. no international to international
  4. that's what i did....from binance to new binance account
  5. stop scaring me...my butt is tight already
  6. supposedly SaiCoin (SC) will pump doge-like next LOLOL I bought a moon bag just in case
  7. Black Lies Matter founder responds to home-buying criticism… ‘It’s for my family, I’m still a Marxist’…
  8. so many pumps....this feels like the top for Altcoins...but i think i'm only saying that b/c I wasn't in Alts in 2016 or early 2017.
  9. talk about a tight $utthole just now....my binance account got flagged b/c i used the app on my cellphone....even tho i used a VPN, my wireless carrier reported my location (even tho mobile data and location were turned off)....so i just had to create a new binance account and transfer like 20 different coins lol stress city
  10. IF $63k is the top, then $12k is technically possible since it's an 80% pullback....but if it runs to or above $100k, then we will never see $12k again in our lifetime.
  11. i love how democRAT supporters of this are saying they are in no way packing the court, but really they are "Unpacking the Court" b/c Trump was the one who packed it. Up is down Left is Right War is Peace
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