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  1. 12yr old liked it but had the same reaction I did: So wait, is this what the entire episode is about? Ugh. Some good parts and I like T.O. in his role.
  2. whatever happens on Tuesday night, i'll be watching the outrage on twatter and youtoob, it can't happen soon enough....still waiting on one of the candidates to take control of these hurricanes...whoever does has my vote....more are forming as I type!
  3. Why am I underwhelmed at S2E1.....dang it...I'll watch it again before saying anymore.
  4. nothing burger in regards to Hurricane Zeta at my house, even though the eye went right over my city.....our neighborhood never lost power!....supposedly there's another one forming and coming to louisiana in the next 10-14 days.
  5. there's a video of people snatching up all the gift cards from the racks.....these idiots don't even know those gift cards are blank!!!!!
  6. BuT hE dIdNt DeSeRvE tO dIe....well, in this case it can be argued he did
  7. aaaaaaaaand now it got stronger...Cat2....think we will leave and head to a friend's house in Jackson, MS...not worth staying and being without power with 4 kids for a few days.
  8. even closer now....we decided to stay and ride it out....I'll try to get pics and vids as things happen...but i believe the worst of it will be in the middle of the night
  9. Poor Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiff....we really need to keep a close eye on them throughout the next 12 months.
  10. @I_Take_Roids_m8 Are you rioting in Philly? WTF is wrong with your people bro?
  11. I guess I'm not sold that more people would use it, much less children. And considering how easily young people get it today, i'm not sure that's a valid point to raise. Once drugs are legalized, the drug dealers, the drug gangs, and the drug cartels go out of business nearly immediately. They cannot compete against pharmacies and other private-sector companies that are now selling drugs. Unlike drug dealers in an illegal market, businesses in a legal market have a reputation to uphold. Their customer base depends on it. Thus, they have an incentive to avoid selling drugs to young people, given the adverse publicity that would come with selling drugs to them. Prices would plummet, which would mean that drug addicts and drug users would no longer have to engage in robbery or theft to pay exorbitant black-market prices. Drug addiction and drug abuse would be handled socially, just as alcoholism and tobacco addiction are. People with drug problems would no longer fear being sent to jail for their problem. They could be treated sympathetically and empathetically by others rather than as criminals.
  12. I think a case could be made that legalizing it (unrestricted supply, no more back ally deals, lower prices, cleaner drugs, medical monitoring, etc) will lower the number of drug users....that case is hard for me to make at this moment b/c I haven't read much on it in years tho. My first thought on legalizing drugs is a moral one....Do I own myself? Does anyone else have a higher claim to my life than myself? I can see communities where you actually consent to live there and agree to not do drugs. But under today's coercive system, the above moral argument supersedes any illegitimate claim the gov't has over a person.
  13. did you say the same thing when you were going through the alcohol prohibition?
  14. if drugs were legal there would be no deadly and violent "drug trade"
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