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  1. USA USA USA We are so PROUD of our athletes
  2. why are these guys suiciding? Fourth Capitol riot cop confirmed dead by suicide just HOURS after fellow hero officer's tragic death is revealed (the-sun.com)
  3. I've miscalculated the democrat mental illness....she is now MORE than the GOAT
  4. first headline I saw Simone Biles Hailed An 'Inspiration' After Overcoming Twisties to Win Olympic Medal
  5. at least SOLO is a beloved character and seeing a movie on how he got started was interesting (at least in concept)...the movie was somewhat enjoyable....who gives a fook about black widow tho? I could watch another SOLO movie as well
  6. Prediction: Biles wins Gold on Beam Is crowned the GOAT Came back from controversy to win Came back from debilitating democrat mental illness to overachieve and win gold Came back from the "twisties" which is the most deadly side effect of drug withdrawals on the beam routine, she could have been decapitated but she won instead Is the greatest, bravest, strongest, most courageous person to ever live She is also compared from now on directly to Michael Jordan b/c she quit then came back to win (it's of course not a good comparison, but you will eat it and like it)
  7. why make a movie about a character that died in Endgame? Just to introduce new characters?
  8. If not, then maybe she really is BRAVE b/c she is risking her life right now!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Did they give emergency approval for her drugs usage to resume?
  10. What do you call a person who practices and competes for 4 years in preparation for the Olympic, does poorly at the Olympics, and quits in the middle of competition b/c the pressure was too much for them? A. The GOAT B. Quitter C. Brave D. Other - Provide your own answer
  11. a 2nd exit pump...this one even higher than the first!!!!!! Incredible....this will go to $10k E-A-S-Y
  12. Dr. Vert, What do you anticipate the case load will be for the Flu this Fall?
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