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  1. @POTUF How are the chitcoins we bought doing on this dump?
  2. same when i was in high school....it really took a toll on me too, i've never recovered really
  3. libs lol EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Target Store on Mission St to Close Amid Shoplifting Tidal Wave - California Globe
  4. I'm a real parent if i never have kids but have pets.
  5. with an emerging and young market, I dont have an issue as long as you are using money you can lose....b/c chances are something will pop. In the 2017 cycle, my buddy bought like 10-15 micro caps....most of them got rekt during the 2018 bear market...but one hit big (LINK), so he went from investing a total of $5k into the micros, to holding like $200k in profits from the one that went big....he then rolled most of that into BTC when it was still $15k....lol
  6. I'll check her schedule before coming your way. Start putting away some money for bail b/c i'm sure i'll need it if we go to her event.
  7. micro caps are like lottery tickets m9 HOWEVER, it only takes ONE. So...obviously....we gamble on them. I gambled on FTM when it was 3 cents...it's now $2.40...and my $5 investment is not $400.....suck it vert But...I put $5 on 80 other micros that went to zero...so really i'm break even
  8. Fox News is reporting Powell found WMDs in the afterlife.....USA preparing for war as I type
  9. that was either, the greatest bear market ever, or the greatest dead cat bounce ever
  10. MARA & RIOT pamping.....we already REKT
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