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  1. that fact that you think those are BTC is what makes you wrong m8....research it homie...you are better than this.
  2. see....bro...this is not true...stop listening to schiff/dr idiot...read broski....smh
  3. Also, don't think Bitcoin just sort of popped out from nothingness...it is the end results of decades of work...all leading to the digital age and change in the financial systems
  4. yeah, I would never really mortgage the house on anything b/c I do have a family to think about...but I 100% would for Bitcoin if I was on my own. I took profit on TSLA on Monday and SPCE yesterday (made 110% of my monthly trading goal just on Tesla/spce alone lol) ...still holding 1/2 position too on TSLA...and looking to add more at some point.
  5. completely and strongly disagree with the bold. And if you really think it's "backed by nothing"....I think that's a shortsighted view of what specifically Bitcoin offers. It's funny b/c all of your complaints (not backed by anything, not a hard asset, highly manipulated, etc)...IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DOLLAR IS!!!!!!!!! It is ONLY backed by the threats of govt!!!! Eventually, just like ALL other fiat currencies, it will fail in totality...it's already failing btw, which I think you recognize. I do believe that if you did a little more research into it, you'd believe in Bitcoin. Ultimately, it is backed by the properties it possesses and the functionality/integration it offers for the digital age.
  6. i've already tried to get my wife to agree to mortgage the house and buy bitcoin with it....a hard NO was her response.....so I told her to stay poor and slept on the couch.
  7. OMG, my own freaking brother is a limp wristed weak handed foglet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF He sold all his bitcoin/xrp earlier this year b/c he got scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOLYYYYY SHEEEEEEET What an idiot!
  8. Once the media starts to report the price, and all the billionaires that have already joined....normies will come...it is inevitable. but please, give me once more chance at $12k bitcoin please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i told them to buy at coinbase and then to look into offline storage options (cold card, ledger, etc)....they are total normies so I tried to get them the more mainstream options.
  10. I had 2 friends this week call me to ask how to buy bitcoin...I tried to get them to buy in May 2019 when it was $7-$8k but they didn't listen....they bought yesterday. Just saying...retail will come...but normies wont show up until the media start to say things like: Well, you remember when Bitcoin hit $20k in 2017? It just blew through it's prior ATH and is now at $30k with many believing it will hit $100k within the next few months.
  11. @VertFTW I believe it...I wonder what woo was calling for in 2017 as the top?
  12. weird....all I know is...I have to claim all my Flare Spark Tokens that I get from holding XRP lol
  13. so they informed you AFTER they transferred her there??? Wow.
  14. 12 yr old loved Ep5...fav of the season so far for her....LOVES Ahsoka....the only episode of the season she asked to watch again.
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