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  1. 2 hours ago, SVTContour98 said:

    my mom got covid....she is antivaxx...very old...taking horse paste....pls pray

    She had leg pain, loss of taste, and mild fever....fever lasted 4 days.

    It's been 1 week...she is near 100% better....still getting all her strength back tho.

    I credit the horse paste.

    Still waiting to see if Dad catches it...but he's been on small doses of horse paste, so he probably wont.

  2. 45 minutes ago, VertFTW said:

    Be careful with your crypto assets especially NFTs as pretty effective phishing techniques are being used to take everything...if you have a significant stash probably better to put it on a HW wallet....AVOID airdrops at all costs.

    man....i see people losing everything once they simply accept an offer!!!!


    I already moved the ETH my daughter got to cold storage

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  3. 11 minutes ago, -idyb- said:

    my buddy from facebook who can think for himself by following the herd of people who are literally as dumb as shіt once told me that eternal CDS can be cured by eating some horse paste, drinking some bleach, brushing with alex jones' silver toothpaste, and gargling with betadine. he swears to it. eternal CDS is eternal and the human body aint gonna fight it off naturally on its own, so it must be of all those wonderful chemicals that cures it.




  4. 6 minutes ago, cashfl0w said:

    There's a Canadian here who spends his time spamming the internet with gibberish like this. Like the NYT, I'm sure he'll spend equal amounts of time spamming nonsense as he does apologizing about the lies they made up.

    odds are good he posted the exact article in this thread somewhere

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