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  1. 1 minute ago, StompGrind said:

    If i had a house, wife & kids i wouldn't gamble the house even with BTC or Tesla which i do believe in. I only rent which frees me up a little but i'm not gamble that much even with my savings. 

    That said I'm glad i didn't listen to him on Tesla. In literally like a month i already earned myself about the equivalent of a Trump bucks check. It's set to take off like a rocket only wished i'd got in even sooner. Tesla stock is projected to hit +6000 a share in the next 5 yrs & unless he dies or something it's almost guaranteed that. 

    Hopefully in 5 yrs from now the three of us are gonna be Ballin' hard out of control.




    yeah, I would never really mortgage the house on anything b/c I do have a family to think about...but I 100% would for Bitcoin if I was on my own.

    I took profit on TSLA on Monday and SPCE yesterday (made 110% of my monthly trading goal just on Tesla/spce alone lol) ...still holding 1/2 position too on TSLA...and looking to add more at some point.

  2. 11 minutes ago, VertFTW said:



    Let's be frank nobody wants to get into crypto other than to make more fiat...that's the bottom line. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. 

    With the extreme volatility it's best to dollar cost average in but that takes more discipline than most retail investors/gamblers can do so yeah you will see people ape in and out because they dont have a legit game plan.

    Even me I have preached DCAing since forever but it's really really hard to keep discipline since you have these Twitter shills yapping. I got a good amount of Eth through DCA and dumped some two weeks ago to lock in profits...if next dop comes will buy in more but HODLing btc and 💩 coins is hard because they are backed by nothing.....not a hard asset.....highly manipulated......NYAG/feds are going to shut down tether eventually......lots of risks so have to manage this appropriately AND not have a large percentage of your money in this asset..I think I have like 5% right now.

    completely and strongly disagree with the bold.

    And if you really think it's "backed by nothing"....I think that's a shortsighted view of what specifically Bitcoin offers.  It's funny b/c all of your complaints (not backed by anything, not a hard asset, highly manipulated, etc)...IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DOLLAR IS!!!!!!!!!  It is ONLY backed by the threats of govt!!!!  Eventually, just like ALL other fiat currencies, it will fail in totality...it's already failing btw, which I think you recognize.

    I do believe that if you did a little more research into it, you'd believe in Bitcoin. Ultimately, it is backed by the properties it possesses and the functionality/integration it offers for the digital age.



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  3. 43 minutes ago, StompGrind said:

    I only wish i had dat trust fund kinda money to invest 🤣 

    I'd flip it easy in the next 5 yrs & be ready to retire comfortably like a boss. 


    i've already tried to get my wife to agree to mortgage the house and buy bitcoin with it....a hard NO was her response.....so I told her to stay poor and slept on the couch.

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  4. 16 minutes ago, StompGrind said:


    Yeah it's just gonna take enough naysayer normies in financial world but there is still lots of resistance even though it's starting to become more normalized. 

    Most average folk I've talked with have heard of BTC but barely know much about it or how to get into it. 

    Things like CashApp & Coinbase etc. will probably help with the younger gen but the boomers & Gen X who actually have money to invest it might be a while b4 they're on board once the rest of the financial sector really gets after it. 

    I've been a convert myself since around mid 2018 & thought is was interesting since at least 2016(ish)

    I am slightly convinced we probably hit a new floor past 15K but i'm finding it hard to see a new floor being past 50K anytime soon. Hopefully I'm wrong though....I'd love to see it jump hugely though. 



    Once the media starts to report the price, and all the billionaires that have already joined....normies will come...it is inevitable.  but please, give me once more chance at $12k bitcoin please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. 10 minutes ago, StompGrind said:

    BTW What did you recommend them on how to buy to your friends? 

    Offline digital/paper wallet storage route or something like Coinbase? 


    i told them to buy at coinbase and then to look into offline storage options (cold card, ledger, etc)....they are total normies so I tried to get them the more mainstream options.

  6. 12 minutes ago, StompGrind said:

    I'm still a bit skeptical of BTC going to even 200K by the end of 2021. 

    I'm also waiting for McAfee to eat his own d!ck from prison. Make sure you pay your taxes folks. 


    3 minutes ago, VertFTW said:

    Yeah I mean for sure retail is out and not interested at all in BTC above 1k so right now imo this run up is basically a bail out for miners and centralized exchanges...


    I had 2 friends this week call me to ask how to buy bitcoin...I tried to get them to buy in May 2019 when it was $7-$8k but they didn't listen....they bought yesterday.

    Just saying...retail will come...but normies wont show up until the media start to say things like:  Well, you remember when Bitcoin hit $20k in 2017?  It just blew through it's prior ATH and is now at $30k with many believing it will hit $100k within the next few months.



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  7. 2 hours ago, Bwana said:

    My mother in law just broke her femur, and has been transferred to a nursing care facility for rehab and recovery....then they informed us there are 12 patients and 5 nurses that tested positive yesterday.

    And we can't move her, no visitors allowed.

    so they informed you AFTER they transferred her there???


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