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  1. CANada is very good this year with 18 medals....really, great job girls USSA only have 91 so far...pathetic https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/olympics/medal-tally?ocid=entnewsntp
  2. not sure i trust this move
  3. they'll have private security while defunding the police
  4. there is only one peaceful way forward....and that is for a State to leave the Union....but no one will have the guts or votes to do it. At some point it will come to violence...My money is on some sort of democrat race war by 2030 that starts it all. There isn't much an individual can do at the moment except prepare, individually or with family.
  5. no freaking way, right??????
  6. hoping the ETh update tomorrow is a sell the news event and we get back to low $2k area
  7. could be....I haven't ramped up my weekly buy amounts yet...i buy a little extra when it dips back into the 20s...and will do so if we see it again.
  8. didn't expect to see this from Tone
  9. @VertFTW is this your real name and twitter account?
  10. imagine thinking the govt is the best way forward
  11. why dont these ships pay for armed security...or mount a machine gun on each side of the ship....maybe these attacks are very infrequent tho so the costs are too high a price to pay
  12. in hindsight, it seems like govt should have warned the elderly, immuno-suppressed, etc to shelter and take precautions and just let everyone else go out and catch it....then vaccinate the at risk population.
  13. children's hospital in New Orleans ICU has been filled for the last week or so....maxed out...with kids...half of which are normal healthy kids with no other issues.
  14. apparently a lot of kids with the delta variant. One of our kids' friends were supposed to come stay for like 3 days....they woke up the day of with headaches/runny noses....we told them to wait a day and see if they felt better...next day they woke up with fever...have had fever for 6 days straight...havent been able to leave their beds...healthy active kids man...crazy
  15. I had too back in June (family related)...I dont mind the 3rd arm honestly
  16. Louisiana Hospitals are full...even Children's Hospital in New Orleans has their ICU full of covid patients...that are all children!!!
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