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  1. I'll join you...let's get REKT together!
  2. i haven't checked the charts on those 3 stocks...but if you wanted a more direct exposure to Crypto...I'd check out the Grayscale Funds that are available...and maybe MARA and RIOT for exposure to Bitcoin Mining. I say this b/c crypto appears to be on the cusp of another massive move up and i'm not sure those stocks you mentioned would capture the move as well as the ones I mentioned.
  3. vert checking price of Bitcoin
  4. the two are intertwined in real life...so why not in internet life lol
  5. The graph is the percent of emergency department and urgent care center visits with a discharge diagnosis of influenza statewide. We should expect the percentage to be down due to the larger number of people getting sick (maybe, not 100% sure that makes sense, depends on the actual number of historical flu infections vs covid infections), but we should not expect it to be ZERO. The 5 week period from 10/1/2019-12/7/2019, FL had 2.6million flu cases, cant find a good apples to apples covid comparison for FL. I think it's more likely that the testing is off or non-existent for the Flu. go in for covid symptoms, get tested for covid, show positive/negative, then move on...no double testing maybe? the implication is that preventative measures work for FLU, but not for COVID. the left is screaming that no one is following these measures...yet the flu is gone, so people MUST be following these measures or else the flu wouldn't disappear. They just must not work for preventing Covid. In my area, it's like totally normal life...I have to mask/etc due to a current family matter, and I get stared down like i'm a nutjob where ever i go b/c literally i'm the only person in a mask (grocery store, takeout restaurant, etc). we'll see if the flu disappears again this winter i guess. It should not disappear in my area b/c no one is doing anything differently.
  6. not sure, i dont listen to Joe...I saw this on my feed
  7. i heard ya bro I bought a handful of micro caps with around a $10mill market cap....fingers crossed.
  8. So you believe that the reason people are not getting the flu is b/c they are wearing masks and social distancing during the flu season. How does that explain the States (like Florida), that had no mandate for these things and people were partying year round...and still had no flu cases? This is a Florida chart comparing the current 12-months flu cases (green) vs the 3-year average (grey).
  9. jfc, how many booster shots have you received? 10????
  10. no, you are just a ****ing idiot that cannot have an actual conversation about anything b/c you cannot accept being wrong. Or else you would answer my super easy questions.
  11. we are so screwed yall.....the ONLY way forward is economic collapse and civil war. the only hope is that a few states secede and adopt Bitcoin.
  12. Do this forum a favor and log off the forum for a few more years Sir.
  13. Sir, so you believe that people ARE following these rules and STILL getting COVID but NOT the Flu?
  14. imagine supporting the people who are wanting this idea
  15. Sir, why did the Flu plummet down to the floor? I'm asking for the similarities/difference between covid/flu...I'm asking you why the flu disappeared. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? @UFCCagerattler
  16. Flu viruses are constantly changing so it’s not unusual for new flu viruses to appear each year. During the 2020-2021 flu season, there was very low circulation of seasonal flu viruses. During September 27, 2020–May 22, 2021 in the United States, 1,899 (0.2%) of 1,081,671 clinical samples tested were positive for an influenza virus (713 [37.5%] influenza A and 1,186 [62.5%] influenza B). historically, that 1,899 number is around 150-190k per the same 9 month period.
  17. Sir, what has happened to the FLU?
  18. Sir, what happened to the FLU?
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