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  1. What do you call a person who practices and competes for 4 years in preparation for the Olympic, does poorly at the Olympics, and quits in the middle of competition b/c the pressure was too much for them? A. The GOAT B. Quitter C. Brave D. Other - Provide your own answer
  2. a 2nd exit pump...this one even higher than the first!!!!!! Incredible....this will go to $10k E-A-S-Y
  3. Dr. Vert, What do you anticipate the case load will be for the Flu this Fall?
  4. i watch Predator, Alien, and Aliens only all else can suck it
  5. FED could mess up things today
  6. i mean the UFC is a bit different...would be like starting a fight, getting your butt beat and then in between rounds quitting b/c you're not mentally into it
  7. Rio 2016 granted Simone Biles a WADA exemption to continue to take the banned drug Aderall but Tokyo 2020 did not. She’s obviously extremely addicted to it, it likely gave her performance enhancing effects, and now that she’s off it she’s a total basket case. She probably can’t get out of Tokyo fast enough.
  8. no way she can be considered the GOAT now...right? She had an incredible Olympics 4 years ago and then couldn't back it up, then quit on her team when the pressure was on. Unless there is someone that is considered the GOAT in their sport that was mentally weak/quit/etc that I don't know about.
  9. Liberalism really is a mental handicap afterall
  10. 100% agree....exact thing happens here too
  11. same thing happened in my city.
  12. idk if the amazon news is real or not...but some tether fud came out and corn didn't care.
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