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  1. 12 yr old loved Ep5...fav of the season so far for her....LOVES Ahsoka....the only episode of the season she asked to watch again.
  2. best episode of the season so far imo....really hoping for more episodes with Ahsoka
  3. it's not lost on me....however, the differences are monumental
  4. well move there you freaking bastard commie....good grief
  5. this stuff only happens in Canada
  6. Will you be attending a holiday gathering that exceeds the mandated or recommended number of guests (If there is anything in place where you live)? Asking for a friend... I'll personally be patrolling my neighborhood counting cars/guests....if you aren't doing the same, then you don't care about the health/well-being of people.
  7. Tesla just keeps paying out....I've made so much money trading this week....feels good
  8. I don't see the problem...Turkeys at least know their place
  9. good grief....this is terrible...let these old foglets freaking fight
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