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  1. Did the toxicology reports list any other drugs in his system? Very strange for an otherwise normal person (according to family) to act this way.
  2. Bottomline: Americans MUST own "X", if you don't buy "X" then we will tax you.
  3. Individual mandate is unconstitutional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: well wait, maybe it survives now "as a tax"
  4. SCOTUS Ruling to come b/t the next 5-20 minutes!
  5. yea, i'm hoping a 22 would do better than my AR-15 in a zombie outbreak...the AR-15 ammo is harder to transport, but probably a better overall weapon to combat with.
  6. yea a .50 would be nice for long range....but a .22 would be great for close-ish range, light, cheap ammo, light ammo, large clip amounts too.
  7. Oh....um i mean.....this one time i was rock climbing with no harness in the rocky mountains was soooooooooooo awesome.
  8. I go shoot often, but still need a shotgun and .22 rifle in the arsenal....so far all I've got is a .40 subcompact pistol and AR-15.
  9. I stay humanityphobic so as to discriminate equally among all peoples.
  10. i know this is cliche but honestly, the birth of my kid was really just an unbelievable experience.
  11. I'm humanityphobic...b/c I would never let a male or female, heterosexual, or homosexual, alone in the woods with my kids.
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