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  1. yikes i'm surprised MD has a law like that...figured it was only Louisiana who jailed people for non-cousin foglet action.
  2. Is it hard being retarded? or is it just blissful?
  3. imagine not being pro-bitcoin and thinking you will survive on fiat in 10 years
  4. I'm putting Biden in my prayer thread
  5. Sir, since it is well established that you were Top 20 University, Top 20 Medical School, Top 20 Contractor, Top 20 Financial Analyst, and Top 20 Virologist...can you lead us in navigating the Monkey Pox?
  6. Tarrant City Council member Tommy Bryant told news outlets his use of the n-word on Monday night reflected something the city's Black mayor, Wayman Newton, had said during an earlier private meeting. Crackers cant be talkin like da bruthas doh He'll be gone soon i think
  7. no need to apologize, i'm glad you posted.
  8. Sir, You are welcome to PM me to discuss. I'd need more detail b/c I'm not sure what you mean. Please Note - This is not a theology discussion thread. This is a thread to post about healing testimonies and prayer requests.
  9. So the FBI had how many agents and informants planted in the Michigan Plot to abduct the Governor? And the FBI agents and informants came up with the plan? And the FBI agents and informants were the ones who provided the equipment? And the FBI agents and informants were the ones who provided the explosives? And the FBI agents and informants cooked up this scheme in an election year? And the FBI agents and informants executed the plan 2 months prior to the election? And people here trust the FBI?
  10. this key when communicating with vert
  11. idk nutting bout dat...but i know dat when i walk to get the mail, my nuts stick to my legs and me butt crack is like a waterfall of sweat
  12. probably....the last few months it has been nothing but offers on houses within hours of listing for about 10-20% higher than asking around here....this week had two houses lower their prices.
  13. Biden? Sir, you do realize we have a new president, right? SIR! CAN YOU HEAR ME!
  14. housing market might have peaked....I've seen two houses revise their prices lower....huge sample size i know
  15. i'm not grasping at anything...Pentoshi played the recent moves perfectly and his charts should be considered. WTF is wrong with you?
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