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  1. Tyler is my name, my father's name, my grandfather's name, and my great grandfather's name. I dont think anyone here truly realizes what Louisiana is like lol.
  2. Sir, just tell me to buy or not
  3. imagine supporting democrats
  4. Got this update from the mother on this one: I went to the doctor for my 6 weeks check-up. This was the doctor I originally went to and he noticed I didn't have any fluid and sent me to the specialist hospital. Well, he told me that in his 30+ years of practice, EVERY case of low/no fluid ends the same, with the baby dying in the womb or shortly after birth. When he heard that I delivered a healthy baby boy, he called 10 other physicians that he knows who are OBGYNs. NONE of them have EVER had a case where a healthy baby was delivered. He said - Ma'am, I've seen some things over my 30+ years in practice to where I'd say, Yeah we just saw a miracle. BUT, I have NEVER seen anything as GREAT as this in my lifetime. And none of the doctors I called to discuss your case with have either. This was the greatest miracle I have ever seen.
  5. it listed for $1.50...reached $300....now $10
  6. @VertFTW I have some cash...should I try to catch this release on Kucoin tomorrow???
  7. no....I'm holding a scam coin right now that is going to airdrop some NFTs tho.
  8. FTM just keep going...I'm starting to think that if the Alt Market gets a blow off top, FTM will reach $5-$10...it's at $1.90 today.
  9. back at that 50 acre property for the week...no deer sightings yet...lots of tracks tho. They got one of these since we were here earlier this year...kids love it
  10. imagine supporting democrats
  11. The thing no one is saying atm is that, just like corona, CDS never ends.
  12. Cage, Have you figured out why the flu disappeared?
  13. @I_Take_Roids_m8 DOXXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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