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  1. I plan to hold my "real" Bitcoin at least through 2026....I plan to sell some of my shares of GBTC once bitcoin is around $50k and then some more if it approaches $100k.....I'll take that cash and hold it until real Bitcoin enters another bear market, then I'll dollar cost average into more real bitcoin with that cash.....I'll also use some of it for a family vacation and other material things and real estate (couple hundred acres in the middle of nowhere) or a chalet in the mountains. I'm sticking with Bitcoin longterm.
  2. he's lucky he was only arrested
  3. in USSA, maximum cost is required
  4. Perhaps if they were protesting it would have turned out differently
  5. I read an estimated 66% of republicans want Trump to run again in 2024. IMO, that would be a mistake.
  6. XRP hit 92cents last night lololololveeeeeert
  7. Not looking to really debate the point, but more curious as to when you think that point is?
  8. I'll probably be #3 for now
  9. @VertFTW Did you load up on XRP at 20cents??????
  10. I wrote up a long response but it's not worth getting into the weeds...Don't get your info from the LP...they are a joke.
  11. If one who understood Libertarianism were to sit down with me and discuss the many political issues of our time and times past, there is zero chance they would say I'm not a Libertarian. But sure, someone like yourself might. Libertarianism is a set of concrete principles....whether others agree or disagree or bend these principles doesn't change the core of what Libertarianism is.
  12. the comparison is NOT even to the NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thrust of the hypothetical is in the RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A comparison has NOT been made between the current conditions and Nazi conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THE EXCLAMATION POINTS HELPING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This is why i hesitated to post it...please try to grasp the nuance here...i mean, I even made the scenario hypothetical. Oh wait, the forum geriatric responded...ok cool, yeah...good comment Sir....wait, let me speak into your good ear...GOOD COMMENT SIR! HAVE A PLEASANT DAY!
  14. This seems like the perfect time to type in the funky text that sends @Bubba_Sparks to the ER....I'll spare him...this time. Seriously tho...when I think back to like the Nazis, I often wonder if things would have been different had the citizens killed or at least resisted with violence when the Nazis went door to door to enforce the insanity. And then I think...if something similar happened today, would it continue to happen if 50% of the doors they knocked on shot at them immediately....would the stormtroopers, I mean, Cops feel like the enforcement wasn't worth the death/bodily injury they would incur.
  15. Not everyone who says they are a Libertarian is one, nor do they actually understand what it means to be one! Not everyone who says they are a Christ Follower is one, nor do they actually understand what it means to be one!
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