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  1. I will say this...i've spoken with a number of rational open-minded atheists who agree with all of the facts in my sig....escpecially number 1.
  2. If you would like to have a friendly' date=' open [b']discussion[/b] of my 3 points, then feel free to pm me. If you would like to just argue or troll or flame then please spare me the waste of time.
  3. I'm an ET-Atheist, or as I like to call myself......a-ET-ist.....I feel for all you for believing in this when you can't prove they exist. You only believe in them b/c it makes you happy. I don't need that crutch.
  4. winner end thread i guess we should also add hitler etc etc etc
  5. haha, no. I would love nothing more than to give mac credit for something, but this has been a view i've held for a long time. I can however give mac credit for my view on Ron Paul. He'd convinced me that Ron Paul is the way to go for the next 8 years (starting in 2012).
  6. Is there a link you can provide so I can read it?
  7. I don't have faith that we will....but I guess you should never say 'never'.
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