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  1. Should I buy MW2 or wait to purchase Black-Ops when it comes out?
  2. radiator hoses leaking? That was the case with mine.
  3. you are clearly too unreasonable & immature to have a discussion with. best regards, SVT
  4. yes Homicides, Legal Intervention*, Suicide, Unintentional, AND Undetermined TRIPLE PWN
  5. Any other exagerations you care to spread? And LOL @ you for making a claim...me asking for proof...and you getting pissy and defensive.
  6. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The number of children and teens killed in America by guns in 2006 was 3,184 (ages 0-19).
  7. Soooooooooooo.....I'm guessing you are refusing to provide the source of your first statement?
  8. Link to source? If you already provided it then I apologize for asking again.
  9. I own a 9mm handgun and an AR-15 Rifle. Hopefully a pistol grip 12 gauge shotgun will be my next purchase...then a compact .45 handgun.
  10. Please elaborate on how people with money have more Liberty (the right to act according to his or her own will). Is poor people's liberty unjustly infringed upon by the law?
  11. Originally, taxes were only paid for common interests (roads, defense police, etc.) - not to individuals. Now, taxes are a way of taking money from one person and giving it to another. This is not what the country was founded on. Prior to FDR (maybe a little earlier), my taxes (had I been alive at that time) would have funded services that benefit every citizen regardless of income. The poor would be "serviced" in national defense equally with the rich, much in the same way that each is equal under the eyes of the law. This would be the same for the other pre-FDR services. Since FDR, and escalating exponentially under Johnson and likely to be taken to entirely different strata under Obama, my taxes are given to other individuals with regard to status, that is, contrary to the principles which formed this country: that each citizen - rich or poor - is equal under the eyes of the law, as Thomas Jefferson stated, "A just society rests upon an equal application of the law to each and every citizen; it protects the rights of individuals REGARDLESS OF THE INCONVENIENCES caused thereby." One of the inconveniences is that there will be inequities in outcome. Freedom without the unequal outcomes of the various exercises of freedom....is NOT freedom. When one works, he spends his time on some engagement of his abilities, and his compensation is a reflection of his time. It is tyranny to make someone work for someone else without compensation and that is what "entitlements" are - they make one person work for another person who is more "deserving." When a people try to rectify inequalities in the outcomes that they see WITHOUT **strict** and **equal** application of the law to EACH and EVERY citizen without regard to the inconvenience of any inequities in the outcome that may result, then one has opened wide the door to tyranny. I do not want to live under tyranny. "Shouldn't the wealthy pay more than everyone else, because they don't have more life than everyone else and they don't have more liberty than anyone else and they don't have more potential to pursue wealth than anyone else." - lol....let me clarify...."Shouldn't the wealthy pay more than everyone else?" No, because they don't have more life than everyone else and they don't have more liberty than anyone else and they don't have more potential to pursue wealth than anyone else. just my 2 cents....flame on
  12. B/c there is zero reason to come in here and say it's not possible.
  13. Where in the New Testament of the Christian Bible does it say to "disrespect other faiths"?
  14. I disagree with your bolded section. And for whoever mentioned this as a hate crime...LABELING SOMETHING A HATE CRIME IS IGNORANT AS WELL!
  15. I lurked on that site forever until I finally joined during TUF 3
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