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  1. Due to my beliefs' date=' creationism to be specific, I do not believe that there could be any other creature out there. This may be narrow minded of me but I think there would be some mention of it in the Bible. I may be wrong and God is chuckling right now because he created all kinds of creatures that we haven't discovered.


    If alien life is found will it support creationism or big bang theory?[/quote']



    I don't see why God is restricted to the Bible Only regarding created life forms.

  2. Heaven is supposedly virtuous and yet it denies homosexuals a place of residence. Government' date=' which is the fore-front of justice, denies homosexuals the right to be happy.[/quote']


    God does not deny "a place of residence" in heaven for homosexuals.


    If God is the virtuous entity we know him to be' date=' why do I need to repent or ask for forgiveness to be forgiven? Why must I seek God in order to receive his grace? Why can?t I receive it unconditionally?[/quote']


    Here's my opinion from the Christian perspective:


    You have to repent b/c God is not compatible with Sin. BUT, God is continually giving you unconditional love and forgiveness...but it's up to you to accept it. God is not rejecting you by requiring that you to seek forgiveness, but if you refuse to seek God and repent then it is you rejecting God's love and forgiveness b/c of your own arogance and pride...God hasn't moved, He is still right there waiting for you to accept His love and forgiveness. If a person refuses to accept the love of God, then he has ?rejected? the Love of God. And since we believe God is the source and fountain of Life, then to reject life is to accept the polar opposite of life which is?DEATH. This is what we mean when we say separation from God equals death. God's love flows from Him to everyone...it's just some poeple experience God's love as a burning fire b/c they have rejected God, and have chosen to accept sin and god is not compatible with sin so God's love consumes their sin like a burning fire. Others experience God's love as a river of life b/c they have accepted God's Love and asked for forgiveness. It's not that God's Love is changing from one person to another...God's love is experienced in different ways based on the nature and character of the individual who is experiencing God's love.



    Think of this: You are drowning in a river that is filled with very strong currents. I throw you a life preserver to save you from certain death, but you refuse to accept it. I continue to plead with you to accept the life preserver, but you refuse. Instead you believe you can save yourself from the strong currents of the river. You continue to fight the current, and continue to reject the life preserver, but in the end you drown. Now, was it me who drowned you? Or was it your rejection of the life preserver that killed you?


    One reason Christians believe that God sent Jesus Christ (the historically documented person) to suffer and die is so that we would have the ability to conquer the very thing that enslaves us all?Death. From the moment we are born, we are unfairly stricken with Death. By ourselves, we cannot conquer death. This is one reason why Jesus existed, suffered, and died, then conquered death Himself which was witnessed by many during that day (The Resurrection of Jesus Christ). Since we could not conquer death on our own, God sent us a Life Preserver that will save us from the hold of physical death, but will also save us from spiritual death.


    God wants to reconcile with everyone, but God cannot reconcile with wickedness and/or godlessness. The individual who is an otherwise good person may not be wicked, but he is ?godless? (meaning without God). God is not compatible with evil?but he gave us all free-will to make our own choices. God has given everyone the chance to accept His Love, but some people choose to reject Him for one reason or another. So it?s not that God is not offering you unconditional love and forgiveness, it's that you have to be willing to accept it.

  3. The Bible states that the gates of the New Jerusalem (you might call it Heaven) are NEVER shut. The Bible says that outside the gates are the fearful, the unbelieving, and a list of horrible people such as murderers. Do you know why the gates are never closed? It is b/c the atheist (and people of a like character/mind) will never walk through those gates even if standing right in front of them. They did not love God on earth…they rejected God on earth…and so all God is doing is honoring their rebuke and rejection of Him, by giving them the free-will to decide their own fate. They say from their own hearts that there is no God…that is a heartfelt belief. And if they die in that same state of rejecting God, they will continue to reject God throughout eternity. That is why the gates of Heaven are never shut.


    So you wouldn't have to kick-in the gates at all...they're left open :)

  4. Fightguy76 - Props to you for looking out for your buddy. Tell Chris to keep fighting, and that he is in my prayers. Please be sure to update (if you feel its appropriate) everyone on the status of Chris' progress.


    Brew - Well done brother! What more can be said, you did a great great thing.

  5. The Tap Out ones are real' date=' the others are BS[/quote']



    Darn it, just saw this one too, gonna try it out in an hour:


    In Create a Fighter, preview a fighter and then toggle his stats on, then off. Select him and choose "Customize Attributes" and you will have a fresh 3024 points to distribute to your current total.

  6. Just trying to play devils advocate here: If the issue is that the kick could permanently injure the fighter, How is that different from a head kick? A head kick to the temple could hurt someone more than a kick to the knee?


    What is it about this kick that makes it cheap? If it's only b/c if could seriously injure the fighter, then why not ban all kicks?


    Not saying I disagree with anyone, just asking cause i'm bored, lol

  7. #1-it's called evolution

    #2-did you meet him or do you take peoples word on everything?

    #3-actually I can prolong it or make it come faster and all the dead people I know are in the ground


    get out of here with your god is good crap


    My guess is he was directing that well thought out comment to me. Feel free to pm me, I will gladly explain the logic behind it.


    But as G_row will come in and say here: "Stay on Topic"


    Looking forward to this card. I don't know why, but I don't like paying for tape delay. And I don't really want to watch the fights at like 2pm either.

  8. If he was injured after the Wandi fight why did he fight Jardine?


    Rampage didn't turn down the Evans fight, (It's on video). Now, he was hesitant b/c he just fought twice in four months, and would have had another quick turnaround (8-9 weeks) for the Evans fight, AND he said he re-aggrevated a jaw injury that he wanted to get surgically fixed, which he did do. In the video, Rampage told Dana he had his back if Dana wanted to make the fight happen. In the end, the UFC decided to go with Machida, so Rampage could get the surgery done and get the rest that his body needed. Just my take on the matter.

  9. he's going to have to get hit in the chin for it to be suspect. rogers is a mess. he's getting ktfo in minutes' date=' if not seconds. the base for the comment has more to do with this guy randomly thinking AA sucks and having the nerve to suggest a plug like rogers will ko him when he doesn't know the first thing about rogers or AA. he has only ever watched Arlovski fight once and he's calling a sub-30 year old guy washed up. he has no legitimacy on this or any issue. I don't mind you, svt, you're alright most of the time, you've kind of wrongly jumped on Iwish here, but 2wheel is straight up trolling.[/quote']


    very true, arlovski's hand speed seemed pretty legit too against fedor, doubt Roger's will handle that.

  10. you also think brett freakin rogers will ko arlovski. so you're either way ahead of the curve' date=' exceptionally lucky at picking a winner one night of your life, or you're a complete knob. I happen to think the latter takes it.[/quote']


    well arlovski's chin is considered suspect by some.

  11. I quote this so SVTContour98 can see it.


    You said he acts like a know it all' date=' WHICH HE DOESN"T.[/quote']



    And where does that translate to being biased?


    Wait I take that back.....he is biased when it comes to Pride, HAHAHAHAAH.

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