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  1. I still cant find what actually happened...5 months ago....when it happened. Looks like they got some people's phone numbers, email addresses and passwords.....BUT...was it from "hacking" coinbase? or phishing the people themselves.
  2. imagine supporting democrats
  3. imagine supporting democrats
  4. imagine believe anything the govt has to say
  5. CDS! CDS!! CDS!!! CDS!!!! Just like the text above, your CDS only grows stronger with each post you make. You really should try to get that under control.
  6. I just realized....this is the view my wife gets nightly.....good grief...I feel sorry for her.
  7. Corky, the key word is definitely NOT jokingly.
  8. I plan to figure out someway to donate the hair.....and i do plan to get 1 pic of a sick mullet while i'm at it.
  9. The carpet matches the drapes...send help
  10. @Bubba_Sparks @cashfl0w You may like the line of thinking in this video
  11. This is the advice i REALLY needed in my life!!! Send me your Bitcoin address, this is worth at minimum 1 Bitcoin.
  12. CDS is a hellavu mental disorder
  13. regularly...stop PM-ing me and asking for proof.
  14. Havent cut my hair since Summer 2019...it's way long...should I cut it?
  15. Sauces? This is all I could find
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