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  1. everyone waiting for $20k...then we rejoice! I've got so much dry powder ready to deploy...if we dont hit these low levels then i might have to personally go to Meh-hee--h0e and kick vert in his vag!na
  2. i almost went shotty...but since He was known to heal people in close quarters and from a distance...I figured machine gun was the way to go.
  3. dont even have AC.....might as well be living with Vert
  4. UK is a chithole
  5. he was def NOT a loner since he was always surrounded by crowds of people. I'm assuming belt fed machine gun so he could mow down the crowds
  6. HFSP it's what canpass would want for you i'm sure.
  7. there is no point going forward where canpass will be negative in gains.....it would take a complete nuke to $3k to maybe put him in a bad spot....the guy has been in BTC a long time bro...you should just accept your financial position will likely never come close to his and move on. It's weird that you continue to bring his name up.
  8. this one is ongoing since the mother-to-be has not delivered yet. Mom's fluid continues to increase to the upper levels of normal. The baby is now gaining weight and is moving more and his movements are getting stronger. His blood flow and heart rate are now totally normal as well!
  9. not entirely...i'm still only getting back money they've first taken from me at this point.
  10. monthly child tax credits in effect this month...thus beginning the normalization of a govt monthly check for those who don't currently get monthly govt benefits...which will eventually lead to a UBI of some sort (universal basic income).
  11. i agree Is Canada fueling the flames here? or are they doing something to stop these attacks?
  12. i saw this....good grief...fooked indeed
  13. do you believe yet...this chart was laid out last oct of last year
  14. lightning is white i think....freaking crackers....holding a black man down even after his death.
  15. this is the purist and finest hopium on the market right now.
  16. how long i got until the housing market crashes?
  17. PPV material with that Karen...we should send her all across the Country to do stuff like this.
  18. great question and the one everyone has thought about. I've thought about that question ever since i was a teenager and a close family member died of cancer. Honestly, I'm not sure I know enough to give you a satisfactory answer. There is a lot of different thoughts on this from a Biblical perspective...with that in mind, I find myself in the camp that believes that God has provided healing for everyone, so if I pray for someone and they dont get better...then that's my fault alone, not God's and not the sick person's. The example that comes to mind is when the Disciples tried to heal a young boy, tried and failed...the boy's father begged Jesus to heal his son...so He did...and then He scolded the Disciples for not getting him healed in the first place.
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