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  1. Not everyone who says they are a Libertarian is one, nor do they actually understand what it means to be one! Not everyone who says they are a Christ Follower is one, nor do they actually understand what it means to be one!
  2. I see the problem...You equate the Libertarian Party with actual Libertarians....no wonder there is confusion here.
  3. Libertarians have concrete principles...you wouldn't understand
  4. I set up a tweetdeck with a few traders I find accurate...i've split the deck into "their calls" and "general posts"...it streamlines and sorts everything...makes it way easier to follow when looking for charts and stuff.
  5. Hell Yes!!! There is HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much XRP...I'm about to be Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichchchchchchchchch
  6. the rest of the set list Plus 1 new song never heard before: Praise the Void
  7. not sure if anyone else listens to Demon Hunter, but they are having an Acoustic Live Set this Friday night....through live stream: https://demonhunter.live/ I bought my ticket
  8. fingers crossed I have...totally against it
  9. https://freebeacon.com/democrats/proposed-biden-gun-tax-could-top-34-billion/
  10. wow, people are still calling for $5k btc????????
  11. Freaking lolvert been holding out on us!!!!! @VertFTW Mexican Billionaire Reveals 10% of His Liquid Assets Are in Bitcoin https://www.coindesk.com/mexican-billionaire-bitcoin-portfolio
  12. pretty sure i made that clear....lolvert if you are trying to label me republican
  13. I could see medical certificates needed for just travel inside the USSA at some point...and I can already see people here saying: WeLl, YoUr KiDs NeEd PrOoF oF vAcCiNaTiOnS aLrEaDy
  14. Bro-ski...it's not worth the discussion on this...I've had it too many times in the last 16 years
  15. can you imagine a vaccine registry....good grief...RIP to Bubba...he'll turn into a zombie in no time at all once he gets forced injected with "the cure".
  16. Fighting tooth and nail over an innocent life that exercised no will of it's own is different than that of a man who decided it was a good idea to violate moral laws by invading and occupying private property and running around all day trying to kill the brown people there.
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