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  1. genius vert level stuff from corky .
  2. Sir, he lied plenty during his 30 years in Congress.
  3. an important read The Purges Have Begun ⋆ Brownstone Institute
  4. Ron Paul used to say...if you get in bed with the govt you should expect to contract the diseases it carries. pathetic all around
  5. I don't have a problem with a private hospital, of their own will, uncoerced by an outside entity, firing people.
  6. more sources for the forum member with down syndrome COVID-19 Vaccine Information - Covid-19 Information (harvard.edu) Harvard Business School moves classes online amid rise in COVID cases - CBS News Harvard Business School moves online after surge in breakthrough COVID-19 cases | Fortune Looks like another multi-year break from the forum would be good for you.
  7. Can't they also catch it from a vaccinated nurse?
  8. So they are doing it b/c Biden is making them...but if repubs didn't give property rights then Biden wouldn't be able to do it. Sir, you believe that????
  9. 2 weeks to slow the curve Meanwhile Imagine supporting democrats
  10. Isn't the FED/Biden the reason for the push in firing unvaccinated workers? I'm not sure how this shows a need for unions, when it really shows the need for a market free from govt coercion.
  11. It is shocking how right Ron Paul was...and the GOP/Fox News rigged it, smeared/ridiculed him, blacked out coverage of him....pathetic...now we are all reaping what they sowed.
  12. Can you imagine supporting modern day republicans? ngmi
  14. Can you imagine supporting today's democrats?
  15. Joe Rogan is a right-click-saver!!! lolololol
  16. 2 days after the Insurrection...hmmmm
  17. why are you already getting a booster? Did you take an antibody test prior?
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