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  1. great question and the one everyone has thought about. I've thought about that question ever since i was a teenager and a close family member died of cancer. Honestly, I'm not sure I know enough to give you a satisfactory answer. There is a lot of different thoughts on this from a Biblical perspective...with that in mind, I find myself in the camp that believes that God has provided healing for everyone, so if I pray for someone and they dont get better...then that's my fault alone, not God's and not the sick person's. The example that comes to mind is when the Disciples tried to heal a young boy, tried and failed...the boy's father begged Jesus to heal his son...so He did...and then He scolded the Disciples for not getting him healed in the first place.
  2. Prayed for a man who had triple bypass two years ago. He was having chest pains for the last 6-12 months again and was concerned more blockages had developed. He asked that his test today would come back normal and that nothing invasive was necessary. So that's what we prayed and believed for. Just got a text that all tests came back normal and nothing needs to be done. The doctors will look into why he is having chest pain. I'm going to reach out again and ask if he would like us to pray for the chest pain to go away on it's own.
  3. coming to a library near you broski...make sure you take every kid you know....that way they are raised in a safe environment.
  4. that is a terrifying situation....for the gun owners....they are critically out numbered here....they are lucky
  5. maybe liberalism is a mental disorder
  6. it's not the same....trust me
  7. tough break right there homie
  8. Meaning, stop being scared and find some cousins bro
  9. Alabama is where its at homie...you done messed up by staying in CANada. Louisiana used to be cool b/c they used to be like Alabama (free love for the relatives)....but now Lowsyana sucks...luckily my cousins live in Alabama....no louisiana jurisdiction there. learn up bro and move down south.
  10. Pitiful Alabama is trampling on her Constitutional Rights. Sweet Home Alabama!!!!
  11. without video evidence...pretty easy to shoot a dog and get away with it.....heck, cops do it thousands of times with video evidence without consequence
  12. that dog knew she was faking too....dog wasn't concerned at all...every chihuahua i've ever known would max protect at a threat.
  13. i couldn't tell....did the guy hit her arm? She acted like she got shot lol
  14. this could be the end of the last line of decency in society...One might say - "Yeah well this is an isolated incident in California, what'd you expect?" But I can remember hearing that same line of reasoning about gays, taxes, guns, weed, etc....it all starts first in Cali, then gets pushed on everyone until normalized.
  15. guys, you should start being anti-CBDC and pro-whatever is opposite of CBDC right now
  16. this almost deserves it's own thread
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