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  1. Fighting tooth and nail over an innocent life that exercised no will of it's own is different than that of a man who decided it was a good idea to violate moral laws by invading and occupying private property and running around all day trying to kill the brown people there.
  2. which you both find SOOOOOOOO offensive, correct????????????? You are proving my point
  3. and it only took poking fun at a man's war injury to do it...not that I care...but libs care about poking fun at handicaps
  4. I could see health passports being "possible" at some point
  5. interesting take @VertFTW I'm hoping for a more 2017 approach with the new Top coming the 2nd half to late 2021
  6. I could see a max pain scenario for this year being a run to $20k, everyone turns bullish, and then it damps to low teens ($12k-$14k)again and everyone then thinks it's done and over lol
  7. oh right....no, the big peak will come later next year i'm thinking
  8. not a bad idea....I thought it would top out way earlier than this lol...I saw someone say if it gets over $17.4 on the daily, then it's moves up higher.... hmmm
  9. $RIOT is on fire today...tempted to sell the options I have for it but they have like 14 months left on them! lolvert
  10. Apologies! Good news, My city is not canceling mardi gras...so the tig ol'e biddies are coming my way afterall!!!
  11. New Orleans canceled Mardi Gras 2021...pretty concerned about their local economy now
  12. May i have pizza bagels as a replacement? I'm an A&W and a Barqs man
  13. my city blowing up with cases....entire schools being evacuated for weeks...send help...hot pockets and root beer.
  14. This is why i leveraged into Tesla...his calls have been spot on for months...he sees the tech bubble ending spring-ish of next year....he drew those blue lines a while back...price following them nearly perfectly lol
  15. Bitcoin fomo won't start until we are past $20k....I could see BTC getting to $20k then experiencing a major correction to the $14k range....which will make everyone think the bubble popped again...then it getting past $20k for real...then the fomo comes in once people see it trading above $30k. I plan to sell some of my $GBTC holdings (just a fraction) at $50k, pay the taxes/fees and use it to buy more real BTC during the next bear market....not selling any of my real BTC...only selling Alts this go round
  16. WE ARE EARLY STILL BRO!!!!! I can't wait to dump some XRP...my butthole is so stretched by this thing...I def plan to dump at least 50% of my holdings....keep the rest as a yolo longterm gamble
  17. UPDATE Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, a Trump confidant, said he had spoken to the president by phone on Friday and that Trump had given him the impression that he would follow the U.S. Constitution and surrender his office after every vote was counted. "He told me he's a realist. He told me he would do the right thing," Rivera said in an interview with Fox. "I got no impression that he was plotting the overthrow of the elected government. He just wants a fair fight."
  18. I leveraged into Tesla last week....pamping after hours right now lolvert
  19. Conspiracy Members....ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/11/14/democracy-institute-pollster-yes-i-think-this-election-was-stolen-n2579970?fbclid=IwAR2XIFOYeQhekltJxgo-gu8Sf8908FhOoLx3wzJ0bxxtjK0SD23fLQzQGjQ
  20. i remember death panels...I think I remember reading language in obamacare where it was reasonable to deduce death panels were real
  21. Broskies....is BTC just not going to correct before making a run at $20k? WTF is it doing at $16.7k already without a pullback? Good grief....I need to buy more BTC but waiting for that big dip...wonder if it ever comes??
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