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  1. a monthly close above this area and it's official the end of bear season
  2. for what it's worth, i have an acquaintance who is in super good shape, eats very clean, takes tons of supplements, and is maybe late 40s/early 50s.....and got rekt for 3.5 weeks from covid...took another 3.5 weeks to get back to exercising like normal. A different friend who is mid-60s, decent shape, takes supplements (i'm not sure which ones but I know Ivermectin is one of them)...got Delta, was better in 5 days....He is urging all of his friends to get a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and something else i cant remember.
  3. I'm at least going to get tested for antibodies before a booster...but kind of in between a rock and a hard place with this crap right now.
  4. DemocRATS don't have a conscience....soooooooo Neither do RepubliCANS but just saying lol
  5. so....biden fugs up afghan while he is out of town...cant sleep so leaves camp david but doesn't go to DC instead goes to his other house? then a white trump supporter emerges as a bomber....hmmm lolvert
  6. in the long run it wouldn't even be close
  7. it would allow for likeminded individuals to align themselves!!!!
  8. It would not work on a large scale in today's society...it requires likeminded individuals with their principles aligned.
  9. muh roads....warlords would take over....you have to pay taxes....what about schools
  10. read thread the entire world is fooked m8s
  11. Jesus....Australia is super fooked
  12. think OurGlass might be the ****tiest of the ****ty for me....Doubled my money tho
  13. this gives me FOMO...need to make sure BTC is not in a bear market I guess before going nuts
  14. agreed....only thing we could have done differently is NOT leave them with stockpiles of weapons, blackhawks, drones, etc.
  15. LGBTQ is already advocating for KINK to be included at their parades/events, even tho kids are present at those parades/events....P on the way soon. What's N and B? Nagger and Blacks?
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