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  1. @I_Take_Roids_m8 m8 was this you?
  2. m9, it was gone tew far about 100yrs ago when they created the income tax....it's been down hill ever since
  3. why do you hate the gays so much bro? You are probably a Christian or something....closet ****
  4. only thing that might save him is she asked for ALOT of it in text messages.
  5. trevor bauer in some real trouble
  6. similar to the cope-ium chart from a few days ago
  7. havent paid too close attention..but I have seen an AAVE chart from multiple sources showing $100 as a low target....can you imagine!!!!
  8. wow Not sure I can support burning these churches yet....is there any context to the graves? Like...was there a widespread disease that spread and killed kids back then? Or is there evidence supporting the idea of abuse and murder?
  9. Someone help me understand what is going on with churches burning in Canada....I know the whole - raping kids is bad Mkay so i'm glad they burning down. But is it the case that these churches were known for pedophilia and nothing was done about it so now street justice is being handed out? Or is something else going on here?
  10. nO oNe Is CoMiNg FoR yOuR gUnS JuSt PaY tHe TaX San Jose to tax gun owners, will confiscate firearms for noncompliance (msn.com) San Jose to tax gun owners, will confiscate firearms for noncompliance
  11. I was just about to move to CANada too
  12. vert drawing charts again
  13. no clue what all has happened on the grounds of El S....just know they are airdropping $30 to each citizen (something like $150million-ish in BTC)....and I think September 7th is being subbed the "Buy $30 of BTC to stand with El Salvador" Day.
  14. just waiting for the first major Country to pull an El Salvador....then i will be hella tempted to move
  15. just bought my 3rd AR.
  16. I want to both cry and laugh at this post.
  17. @Bubba_Sparks Is greta going to save me?
  18. Why do democrats want our kids exposed to this?
  19. imagine thinking these people know anything at all about crypto
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