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  1. Like others have stated, God does not control people. Give me a little grace here, but I'm going to have to reference the Bible (since we are talking about God and His 'plans')...but the Bible basically says the opposite of God is controlling people and actually says that He gave us dominion over everything and that it's basically up to us to create the world we want. So the only way to stop kids getting rapes in Africa, is to go there and stop it, or support causes that go there and stop it, etc etc etc. How did Trump/Clinton/Obama/etc, get into power? How were they allowed to murder people overseas with drones? We let them I also have a major problem with the bold, I'm with you there. Indeed, and again, according to the Bible, God gave us the Authority and Ability to heal the sick...it says that God has already provided the healing and the mechanism by which it has to be delivered is through His Believers. I've personally seen this happen MANY times...from things like - Cancer, Kidney Disease, Extreme Immunity Issues, Fevers, Covid-19, stomach bugs, etc. I know this sounds crazy to most here, which is why I don't bother sharing it much...but I have zero doubts about it now, b/c i've seen it and have done it personally.
  2. Pretty sad the number of Christians that push this idea....Yes, God is a loving Father....Yes, God gave Steve the Cancer...riiiiiiiiiiiiight
  3. I'll believe it when I see it...i hear a lot of Q and Q-type conspiracy stuff and it never comes true...if there was fraud then I hope there is proof and I hope trump finds it.
  4. ha jokes on you b/c we're all gay bro...so suck it...like....literally
  5. A good book to read if other's are interested in Socialism Free to read (pdf) - https://mises.org/library/socialism-economic-and-sociological-analysis
  6. s2e3 - I find this season I am seeing more growth in the movements and expressions of baby yoda....pretty cool to see
  7. my goodness...how bad are the moderators and other candidates here...good grief this was brutal
  8. Holy freaking crap...Citi Group predicting $318k by 12/2021
  9. The woman exercised her will by completing the only human action that brings a living human organism into being. So now the woman has forced the living human organism into existence...and placed it into the only environment in which it can survive (SIDE NOTE: this may change with medical/technological improvements and I would be fine with removing the fetus and placing it into the incubators as early as they could possibly survive). Since the woman exercised her will (and the new life has not), it is the woman's rights that must cede momentarily and it is the new life's rights to exist that must be protected. Additionally, I'd argue that the only morally appropriate reason to take any life is b/c you were in danger from that specific person. Since the new life has not/cannot exercise any will, it is therefore impossible for it to aggress against the woman in any way, so the woman has no moral standing (self-defense argument) to take's it's life.
  10. Great....NOW my wife starts asking why we didn't buy more Bitcoin....WOMAN, WHAT HAVE I BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ()$*#*%)(*)@!_)@(!_)(@*$)@ GET BACK IN THE FRIGGIN KITCHEN #$()#%*$)(@#%^@#!@#@)$_+@)($ SPAWN OF EVE
  11. I would not argue that. I would say the woman's right to her body ends where the right to life of the human organism begins. I would also argue that you cannot force a person into the only environment in which they would survive and then decide, never mind and cast them out to certain death.
  12. Property Rights and Natural Rights are different things entirely. Hence the Libertarians defense of the two-sided Coin of: Natural Rights/Property Rights Some rights end where your Rights begin
  13. A guy I follow believes Tesla will go parabolic again and top out Feb '21 or around there....He sees the entire tech bubble going parabolic and correcting by that same timeframe....I'm investing accordingly with a certain percentage of my holdings. I'm long as hell with BTC tho 😀 It's the only thing I'm confident in
  14. If I were the only person on earth....I would have the right to do whatever I wanted. If I were the only person in North America, and someone came over from Russia, spotted my house off in the distance and used a 50-cal to snipe me from a thousand yards away and killed me...would they be wrong to do so? If you answer yes, then you agree, we have the natural right to life. You may disagree using the term "Creator" however when it comes to natural rights.
  15. roger that. Is Gold still Gold even if it is undiscovered? I think we would agree that's a "yes". In the same vein, our Rights are our Rights even if no one respects them and allows us to live by them.
  16. it's up to people to recognize it and follow it...if they don't, then it's generally really tough for them...many people set up governments to ratify these Rights and use government as a protector of their Rights. If it were true that government can bestow rights, then it is also true that government can take them away without moral conflict. We know this to be untrue just by contemplating the atrocities via government throughout history. Libertarians who are atheist/agnostic (which I believe Roids would identify as) simply don't use the word Creator...they'll say something like: Rights come from Nature...it is natural to us to have the Right to live. Minus extenuating circumstance, It is objectively wrong to deprive someone of their natural right to life. etc. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. You could easily replace the word Creator with Human Nature....I may disagree with that contend that a Creator is needed, but I could still agree with them that we have identical Rights all the same.
  17. one answer would be because people are not controlled by their Creator...they can do whatever they want...they want to elect a dementia patient then cool, you get whatever comes from a dementia patient as president.
  18. Hmm...I'm not sure I follow...let me think more about it to see if I can sort it out before replying.
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