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  1. yeah i did not like the sound of some of that, but did like the part about helping with spam/scams
  2. can you imagine turning in your guns 24 years ago...and then this happening....holy cheeeet mang
  3. kinda blew my mind...never crossed my mind that bitcoin could solve this issue
  4. Book of Boba is when? Wasn't it supposed to be later this year? Kinda worried about it honestly.
  5. She had leg pain, loss of taste, and mild fever....fever lasted 4 days. It's been 1 week...she is near 100% better....still getting all her strength back tho. I credit the horse paste. Still waiting to see if Dad catches it...but he's been on small doses of horse paste, so he probably wont.
  6. my mom got covid....she is antivaxx...very old...taking horse paste....pls pray
  7. Given the new Hunter Biden revelations, if anyone on this thread believes a single word coming from the media/fact checkers/etc from here on out, i will treat you as mentally retarded.
  8. the dude dun fooked up...wear a mask bro
  9. man....i see people losing everything once they simply accept an offer!!!! WTF I already moved the ETH my daughter got to cold storage
  10. Forensic Investigator and Top 20 tracker as well
  11. Ser, can you give a timeline of what happened?
  12. cops are the good guys right? https://twitter.com/MrHodl/status/1440300721732083713?s=20
  13. Vert - I'm so relieved to see you are on this case. Can you give us all the up to date information?????
  14. it's like his TDS turned into Eternal CDS
  15. odds are good he posted the exact article in this thread somewhere
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