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  1. i'm open to changing my mind...is there video of these violent acts? There is video of cops inviting them in.
  2. I'm still tempted to buy one
  3. i kinda have a hard time accepting your last sentence tho. These people were literally USHERED into the capital by the police...removing the barriers and telling them to come on in.
  4. my 13yr old bought more Bitcoin (with me) at $29k....I have no doubt she owns more BTC than Vert...the first time she bought BTC was Sept 2017...Her plan is to hold it at least until she is 20.
  5. people in my town are very principled and not hypocritical at all 'No masks!': Hundreds of St. Tammany parents protest mask mandate at school board meeting | Local Politics | nola.com
  6. i got your PM Mozz...thanks for hooking a brother up! She looks like a real treat.
  7. I'm in....it's just me tho, wife and kids called yall a bunch of foglets and started single the star spangled banner
  8. apologies all around!
  9. seeing more and more of my friends/acquaintances getting covid this time around...people who didn't get it the first time around even tho they were out and about living normal like through 2020.
  10. She is leaving the door open for the 2024 Olympic games. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave...she is staring death in the face.
  11. CANada is very good this year with 18 medals....really, great job girls USSA only have 91 so far...pathetic https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/olympics/medal-tally?ocid=entnewsntp
  12. not sure i trust this move
  13. they'll have private security while defunding the police
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