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  1. GoHard just got his first ammy kickboxing victory via UD!
  2. RIP Rodney King. Really seemed like a good dude that was haunted with alcoholism.
  3. cant blame him in this one. it was the smart and right game plan to do. cant afford a loss this close to a title shot.
  4. no it shouldnt be illegal. but it is still discusting. q: / free society!!
  5. sorry i already got that... im known as andys left testicle. i also make my own smiley face for every thing. this is me happy q: ) me sad q: ( me really happy q; D me confused or unammused q: / me shocked q; o me really shocked q: O
  6. how i thought the fight would go... it went. really impressive performance by Guida and also by Pettis. Pettis is the real deal and a tough fight for anybody in the LW division.
  7. Dana sent this responce to your question.. Dana "Listen heres the thing, when you have a poster as versatile and consistant as Mr Go Hard... the UFC has to acknowledge it. i mean the guy is a "beepin" genius. His first post milestone speech was like the Bonnar vs Griffin fight... without that... i cant say that the UFC forum would be where it is today"
  8. thats very possible. and i know werdum is no overeem in the stand up, but werdum has improved his stand up alot... both fighters have improved since their first fight. itll be interesting how this one goes. the obvious pick would overeem by 1st round KO, but im a Werdum fan... so i rides with the homie and he has the skill to pull it off.
  9. im going with the 3rd round. i think Overeem hurts Werdum.. tries to finish and gets his arm took.
  10. My fight breakdown for tonight... Guida vs Pettis - Ive gone back and forth on this fight. i could see Pettis keeping this fight standing and out classing Clay on the feet... But i can also see Guidas movement throwing off Pettis and taking him down. Pettis is good off his back... but Clay also has good top control. Im about 50/50 on this fight, but Im taking Clay Guida by Unanimous Decision in this one. Credeur vs Herman - This is a pretty even fight... and thought both are really good on the ground, i see this one being a stand up war. Im taking Tim Credeur by Split Decision Maldonado vs Kingsbury - Kyle Kingsbury has looked great and fought great lately. He has crazy momentum right now and i think he takes this fight , finishing early. my pick : Kyle Kingsbury by 1st round TKO. Stephens vs Downes - Jeremy Stephens hits like a grown man... Danny Downes looks like a little boy.lol Jeremy Stephens round 1 KO Grispi vs Roop - Roops a tough dude and he gets tough opponents.. Grispi is no exception. Grispi is coming off an upset loss... he was suppose to be next in line for Aldo. I think he comes out with something to prove. Grispi by Unanimous Decision. Jorgensen vs Stone - Jorgensen by 2nd round guillotine. just because, i didnt watch this seasons TUF so i dont know the other fighters in the other fights.
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