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  1. i just started training not too long ago, im at 190 right now and plan on fighting at 170 or 155 depending on how my weight goes once i start getting more into the training, so far its been going down so im planing on 155. i enjoy every aspect about the training so far.
  2. he tried but i think he turned it into another submission.... i know what fight ur talking about.
  3. thats just purse money which is a fraction of what they make for the fight. after sponsors pay up they got there pockets filled
  4. i think if UFC is gonna charge 50 bucks for PPV there should be a title fight, i know the next ufc is free and i think thats awesome. with 5 titles i think they should be able to have a title fight once a month easy and the other ufc's should be free on spike
  5. i dont think they should have 2 title fights on the same card, ever since 100 and 101 the cards have been weak cuz 4 title holders fought in 2 cards
  6. the strike force card is better than the next two UFC cards, next zuffa event that im looking forward to is Brown vs Aldo hope rogers wins
  7. machida vs rua 2 should be co-main event to another title fight i thought rua won and i was happy only because that would be perfect for anderson silva to have 2 titles at the same time
  8. cain vs Nog, mir, or JR should be coming soon then maybe a title shot
  9. i dont like either RUA and down to the last 30 seconds of the fight i was hoping machida would pull of a KO. to me, i havent rewatched it but rua took 1,3,4,5 the last 2 rounds machida barely looked like he wanted to be in their anymore after the punishment he took the the legs and body. he also had 4 or 5 good shots to the face. he did land some shots on shogun but everytime he did he got hit back. but u cant give machida **** for the judges error. hes the champ still
  10. yea cali seems to be the place to be if u wanna do mma, theres plenty of gyms in that general area
  11. Ive been looking up MMA gyms around my area and there really isnt much. Bay City, MI we got: Cosens mma- charlie Cosens training in thailand and they got a grappling guy Sueng Ni- blue belt bjj instructor (is that legit? can a blue belt teach) and a former world champ in boxing for striking. the only school in MI that i know of with a black belt in bjj is like 4 hours away anyway whats some local gyms for the rest of the posters on here BTW im not training, just interested
  12. i think some of u dont know what cutting weight is, or have different definitions. its not how much they lose from walk around weight to weigh-ins, most guys do way alot more when they are on lay off than the class they fight at. if always considered the "cut" 1-2 days of losing water to cut those last pounds. ive heard of guys cutting 20 pounds of water weight in 24 hours(coleman) and being very weak come fight time.
  13. most those numbers above are just bs, noone cuts 50, 30 or even 20 unless they really screwed up. there walk around wait isnt the wait they are at fight day, thats the weight they are at when not in camp, most try to get it down to a 8-12 pound cut in the weeks leading up to the event. ATT i think has some big cutter tho IMO for person curiosity id like them to weigh themselfs on fight day so the fans have a idea of how much of a size difference there is.... hard to tell by looking at some guys
  14. b4 the hendo/count fight it was winner of marquardt/maia would get title shot, just line them up and let anderson fight every other month
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