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  1. I agree. I think he was just so embarassed by his performance that he felt he had to run out of there. Strange fight, but Silva continues to amaze me.
  2. klamb51


    How the hell could you say "It doesn't matter if he can fight"? Of course it does. This is a PROFESSIONAL sport. Only the best of the best compete in it. Do you think that say someone like Terrel Owens or Chad Johnson should be kicked out of the NFL because they disrespect the fans? NO. I hate them too but they are elite athletes that are there to play. You just make no sense at all. This is a business and people pay to see the best fighters fight. And Dana is a genius for recruiting Lesnar.
  3. klamb51


    People need to relax. A bunch of the posters tonight sound like a bunch of pissed off soccer moms. It's the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship, what do you expect everyone to be a perfect polite gentleman? The man was being booed after a completely dominating performance and he flipped the birds. Who cares? I would be pretty pissed off too if I were him. Lesnar is champ, you don't have to like him, but the man can fight.
  4. klamb51

    best chin in MMA

    Spidey has hardly ever been punched cleanly from what I have seen. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only strikes that every landed flushly were some ground and pound in some of his fights. The man is just too good for people to even hit him. Not to say he doesn't have a chin, just saying he hasn't really been tested.
  5. lol Shane Carwin has a twitter page? Can he even type on a keyboard with those monsterous hands of his?
  6. The guy has had 2 fights in the UFC. How has everyone always, always, always been doubting him?
  7. I am rooting for Marcus all the way. I've been a big fan of his for years and I definately think he has the skills to beat Hardy. I don't think Davis is just going to win, but I think he is going to beat up Dan Hardy. All that hate he has towards him is just going to be unleashed man. Although I have this uneasy feeling in my stomach that this could possibly end with the bad guy winning. That's how I felt when watching the Ken and Tito fights a while back.
  8. Brett Rogers impressed me before and after this fight I was left very impressed. Granted he caught Arlovski and it can happen to anyone, Rogers has shown some serious knock out power and I personally think that with a little bit more experience, say a year or so, he could compete with the top 10 heavy weights in the world. As of right now I bet he would lose to guys like Fedor, Barnett, or any of the top 5 UFC heavy weights. On the subject of Strikeforce vs. UFC, you can't possibly say that tonight's card was better than any of the UFC cards put together in the past year. If you look at Strikeforce's roster, it is obvious that half of their fighters are either washed up ex-UFC guys, or inexperienced newcomers who are just about on the same level as the TUF guys. Granted Strikeforce has some talent such as Jake Shields, Lawler, Nick Diaz, Rogers, Le, and Overeem they still aren't on the level of the elite competition that the UFC offers. This card had some good fights but I think pretty much every UFC card I have seen in the past year has had better fights (besides the main event at 97, that totally sucked, the rest of the card was decent though).
  9. There's nothing you can do about it. Sony left it up to the developers whether or not they would allow custom in-game music or not. Some games support it but some don't. Killzone 2 is awesome though and MGS4 is the greatest game ever made. Add me to friends list if you ever want to play anything online. My ID is klamb51 and I'm definately getting UFC Undisputed 2009 as soon as it comes out.
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