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  1. its easily royce gracie,have u seen him kick? ugh hideous
  2. Can u do one of jessica simpson sitting on my face??????????
  3. what if griffin couldnt be knocked out? and just had to hit u one time and u would be ko'd even from a leg kick.what if he could fly? and what if he had laser beams come out of his eyes?what if he was 10 feet tall 365 pound and moved like miguel torres? what if forrest griffin liked little boys?
  4. bonnar in ufc hall of fame? have u seen the guys that are already in ther? he would stick out like a sore thumb
  5. im actually thinkin bader will win by lay and pray
  6. its good that hes not afraid,,no fighter should be afraid. that doesnt mean that he will go to the ground and own maia cuz we all know that wont happen. maia wins by umm,,, uhh,,,, ssss,,,,submission? yea,yea submission.
  7. edgar wont try to take bj down cuz he knows he cant so he will try to outstrike penn but he wont be successful there either. hes doomed to fail
  8. wow! can u do one of jessica simpson sitting on my face?
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